How to make a GIF in 4 minutes

how to make a GIF

You have a funny joke you want to share on the Internet? Believe me, to create an animation much easier than you think. All you need is a video that you want to turn into immortal SFII to forever change the Internet for the best, sharing with the world his creation. What are you going to do truly well.

So, you need to:

  • The short video, which is not a sin to make a GIF. Ideally, no more than three seconds.
  • Photoshop (we use CS3, but you can do it in any other version).

1. Circumcise video

Use this simple editor like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, cut the video in three-second clip that is going to turn into a GIF. Of course, it could be longer, but then the file gets bigger.

We will make a GIF from kotofei Maru, who loves to sit in boxes, to put on the head bags and generally having a good time. A normal cat. If you’re still not familiar with it, it’s weird.

2. Import in photoshop

To see the video in photoshop, go to File menu and select Video Frames To Layers. Choose your file with the extension .mov and open in photoshop (it will look like a regular image).

how to make a GIF

how to make a GIF

3. Resize


When you open a video, a dialog box will ask you whether you want to convert video to layers or want to use only part of video that means you can skip the first step and start with the second, you still have the ability to crop. It all depends on how much time you have, but I still think that it is better to use a special program.

Now can crop their possessions and resize gifs in photoshop, like you would with any normal image. Small gifs, as a rule, mostly large.

4. Persistent

Click File > Save For Web, choose GIF from the dropdown menu and tweak the quality settings: a lower quality will reduce the file, and it will be faster to boot, but we must still keep sufficient quality to be able to watch SFII with pleasure. Just try not to hurt the image.

And here’s your GIF! You can see it in action by opening in the browser or in some normal viewer — voila, now you’re an Internet genius. You can reopen creations in photoshop again to change the size, if he suddenly you are not satisfied, and then save the same way.

Here you clever!

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