How to make a cool lamp with your hands

Today, friend, I’ll tell you how you can stir up cool the lamp with your hands. Trust me, this is not difficult and most of the necessary materials probably have in your house (in a pinch you can ask around if you buy nothing want matter).


So, you will need:

black-and-white film from the camera;


a tripod with a cable;


energy-saving lamp or a small fluorescent lamp;

soldering iron.

For a start it is under pressure to straighten the tape. Then cut up her pieces and using Scotch tape to stick together to get the shade you need size. To bend the tape in the right places use a soldering iron, not rasmalai red.

Once the lampshade is ready, it remains to screw in a light bulb in a socket mounted on the tripod with wire and put it on top. Thus, just half an hour you’ll get an awesome lamp that is perfect for parties, and for creating a climate of easy intimacy alone with a friend.

Besides, can you think of other original ceiling and change them depending on what kind of world you want. Everything you need can be purchased at the hardware store and in the store lighting.

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