How to make a cool bench from old Board

If you’re tired of our items come from pallets, such as this bench or this rough table, we offer you even more nischebrodsky option. However, this isn’t even about saving your gold, but in the fact that the lava will come out really cool, and most importantly, it will be made with your own hands. So if you haven’t forgotten how to hold a drill, take a little time and structure a bench with driftwood. Going to sit on it, drink beer and us to remember.

1. Prepare the materials

Here’s what you need:

gorgeous piece of driftwood, on which not a sin to sit;

Two L-shaped brackets;

– 2 galvanized pipe;

4, a flange;

– 24 screw that fit the chosen flanges.

2. The search for a suitable Board

In General, it may happen that you will not be a single suitable piece of wood in the yard. So you need to find. Where in the city a tree? And full! Look in parks, for example, in various green areas. If your town has access to rivers, seas, oceans, look at any wooden stump on the beach. The main criterion is the suitable size. Of course, you can take the tree a little more, cut off a piece of work should not. Look for a sturdy tree, the rest all depends on your imagination.

3. Tools


The only tool you’ll need is a drill. Of course, you can take a tape measure, pencil and dust, if you want to adjust the size of the Board by itself. If you think the tree is not entirely of natural origin (for example, dug a piece of furniture), then be careful when drilling. You can encounter hidden nails, metal parts and stuff like that. Wear a mask will not be superfluous, because there is a possibility that you will stumble on something chemical and hazardous for the human body. To get rid of headaches, take a piece of wood, over which no one before you has not worked.

4. Do legs


This is simple enough. For this fit an ordinary galvanized pipe that need to be screwed into a tree. Keep in mind that the Board can be irregular, so you will have to choose wisely where to set the legs to the bench, waited. The area of rotation should be as flat as possible. By the way, when you screw in the bolts, do not tighten too tight initially. Room for maneuver will not be superfluous.

5. That’s not all!

You can leave it as is and place the bench where you just want. But it as before is precarious, despite the wraparound flanges. It is therefore advisable to fasten the L-shaped brackets to a vertical surface (house, porch, garage). So you make the bench stand it can even jump. It is better to tie some staples.

6. Get

See how easy? Cases for 10 minutes of your time and you are already sitting down. Everything else looks pretty stylish, but you can get better. And most importantly, this thing is not sorry to leave in the rain, hail and thunderclouds. This tree endured have all seen a lot of lives and is now used only for you. Cool!

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