How to make a chic torso

Nothing like a girl like elegant uploaded torso. I honestly have no idea why girls are so fond of large pectoral muscles and the squares on the belly. If desired, of course, you can dig deeper to interview any of the ethologists, which tells us that the squares — the value of a well-developed body, low fat and the fact that the male will be able to catch up and score production in order to bring her to the cave. But I will not do that. In addition, beautiful body in some way an indication that you’re watching yourself, and your courage is noteworthy. However, you, probably, it is clear, why all so want to make yourself gorgeous torso. Today we will tell you about it.

1. Drink protein after workouts


Of course, after a workout, it is advisable not to eat, but protein is not the case. You can eat a good piece of chicken, you can drink milk (if you’re dropping weight, don’t recommend), but it is better to throw the pure protein in the form of a cocktail. A good dose of protein necessary for the repair damaged muscle fibers after an intense workout. In addition, it is well enhances your metabolism. A high metabolism means that fat in your body will decrease rapidly. It is best after a workout to ingest a mixture of protein supplements with creatine, taurine, essential amino acids, crystalline threonine. Often these banks can be purchased in specialized stores of sports nutrition.

2. Do exercises in the tilt position


Never forget that the usual exercises on different muscle groups of your abdominals, hips, buttocks and waist can be better developed when you do them under a different inclination. Standard French dumbbell bench press lying can be very difficult, if you put the bench at an angle. The same can be said about many other groups of exercises. Crunches on an inclined bench will give you more good opportunities to increase your load on the abdominal muscles. It will also help you to pump the internal muscles that will come into play during execution of the load. For uploaded dudes recommend crunches on the monkey bars upside down.

3. Destabilizing yourself


Do not be afraid of exercise balls. They are vital to those dudes who need to pump the muscles of your abs. Slant, straight, perpendicular muscles, all sorts of different tendon — unusual suspended position on a fitball will help you to pump them all. Internal muscles, by the way, also the pump can and should be in football. With him things are getting better, especially if you do everything right.

4. Eliminate fried, processed and refined foods


The press and the muscles of the ABS (the so-called American pitching all that relates to the press, the lower back, buttocks and thighs) can be pumped, but they still will not be very visible because you have a lot of fat in the wrong place. So the best way to highlight your press to monitor their diet. Eliminate all processed foods, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s inside them. It’s sausage, purchased semi-finished products and other processed meat products. Completely eliminate from food refined sugar — you don’t need it. In General, tea with sugar give up a bad habit. These foods cause an increase in blood glucose that increases the number of delayed fat.

5. Increase speed your trainer


Crank up a good speed on the treadmill, you can burn fat much faster. Accelerated training for some time (ideally few hours) after power will increase your fat loss. Remember, fat loss depends on how well you burn calories. Increasing the load on your cardio will help you with that.

6. Reduce stress


This advice does not apply to fitness as you think, but actually it is very affected by the situation. The fact that stress can reduce the benefits of your training. When you’re highly stressed, your body actively produces the hormone cortisol, which will encourage your body to accumulate fat reserves. Overcome your stress and life will improve.

7. Complete workout for the whole body


Instead of pumping individual muscle groups turn attention to comprehensive development of the body. Integrated training evenly develop all the muscles of the body, stimulate a greater number of muscle fibers, and this means that the number of calories burned, increases exponentially. It would be nice to split train each muscle group during the week. This will help you to lose fat in large quantities, uniformly increasing muscle mass. Swing wisely!

8. More sleep


Another tip, which you know, but most likely do not follow him. Need to sleep more. Have enough sleep: if you sleep, your metabolism slows down. But increases the amount of cortisol, which stores for you all sorts of rubbish. By the way, when you sleep enough, eat less.

9. Cut back on beer consumption


If you can’t go from beer to drinks with a lower carb diet, at least reduce the consumption of this beer. Not only that, beer in abundance of carbohydrates, so there is alcohol there, which increases the digestibility of this stuff. Can’t give up alcohol — choose the less calorie option. Use instead of tonic water.

10. Eat more omega fats


Of course, you know that in fish abundance. If in your diet there is no regular income walnuts, salmon or tuna liver, just sabinsa fish oil.

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