How to maintain a good mood, if you dumped a girl

not in a bad relationshipWhen it comes to Affairs with women, nothing is more important than your mood. We have already learned that others perceive you as you see yourself, but what determines your mood?

Over the years I have noticed that it is best to apply two concepts:

1. You’re totally cool, and every woman wants to be with you.

2. You are surrounded by an infinite number of women, who can pay attention.

There are two key ideas that make you attractive to friends. With the first point is clear: it is simply necessary to increase their self-esteem, so now I will focus on the second.

In the moment when you realize that, regardless of the situation that you’re in at your disposal an endless number of women you’ll become confident and assertive.

Many dudes in such a mood is absent, because many of them are every day in a Sorority. Because for them it is such a rare event, they begin to think that any woman who paid attention to them — the only woman to ever get noticed. As a result, they torment yourself and friend, trying to do everything right and good. And, as we know, the pressure to anything good does not, and so it fails.

The same concept of an infinite number of attractive women is good for interacting with these same women. How? Here’s an example.

  • When you approach a woman and she rebuffs you, remember: in this world there are still an infinite number of beauties, and even better than this, so to lose in this case is not you, her.
  • When your friend meets the dazzling beauty to which you are unsuccessfully hitting on some time, remember that in the world there are lots of girls better, so a high one that he did with this — and you can do it with the other.
  • If your friend wants to control your every move, digging in your phone, jealous of you, checks that you could do — you don’t have to sit next to her until the end of his days, sincerely believing that this is the only girl who would love to meet you. In this world lots of interesting and normal women who will pay attention to you.
  • If you’re stuck in a poor relationship that you can learn nothing and which are only pulling you down, remember that in this world there are many women who can make you happy.

Hard to keep that in mind, especially if you have still not had masses of women, but if you truly believe in yourself, live the truth will become much easier. You may seem to instill a certain opinion is wrong, but it is not so. Inspire yourself — only better.

I also had a hard time, but I kept repeating to myself that in the world there are many women that I can be interesting. And it worked. How to apply this in practice?

  • Mouth sent me into a bar — except it there is at least ten friends who do not mind to talk to me.
  • Girl not responding to text well, let’s take tonight a few other friends.
  • Friend didn’t want to dance with me at the club in her place wants to be, probably, 20 other.
  • In girly was one — but there are plenty of virgins who have no one.
  • I got dumped by a girlfriend — so there are a lot of women who will not refuse to meet with me.

This mentality of the player will always make you attractive and filled with enthusiasm. If you really believe that all it really is, you cease to be pathetic, insecure, shy and become more confident, more relaxed, and generally cheer you up. In General, will become much more interesting for girlfriends dude.

Women like guys who had other women. It seems to them a guarantee that the first attempt will not be lumpy and you will avoid bad problems and conflicts that come first and relations. Moreover, she is going to try harder, if I see you around the competition. When you stop caring about what you think about this particular girl, you become interesting to her and win her without much effort.

And finally

Such an attitude will help you enjoy greater success with women, but it does not justify your fear of being rejected. For example, you want to get closer to the girl, but I tell myself: «There are lots of others, why do I come to it?» — it only shows your fear to fail, the player does not think.

And remember, this attitude is very steep, but it is impossible to overdo it. I knew guys that this idea is so inspired that they supposedly threw away their brains, and their requests could not meet, has no girlfriend. But, you’re not brad pitt. Usually begin to think only after he has re-released many, many women, but the number is not a synonym of quality, friend.

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