How to love something you despise


I can not understand how trend setters become masochists? Which require you helpful, but absolutely tasteless food, to torture yourself heavy and monotonous exercises in the gym to do boring mindless games — sports. But the question is not about whether to cut everything above.

How too become a masochist? To refuse tasty and enjoyable life in favor of hungry suffering in the gym? I’d like to be beautiful and beautiful girls.

The answer

See, our society not the first year, and to be precise, not the first century living in the shadow of such notions as fashion. We can say that fashion together with blood and progress moves the wheels of history, and these things are among themselves closely connected. Cost of humanity to conquer hunger and to more or less equalize the rights of all citizens, as a purely visual changes. For example, completeness has ceased to be a sign of wealth, and a curvy shape slowly faded away.

Why is a healthy lifestyle, because until then it was fashionable to smoke, sniff glue and open a beer with your teeth? It’s all the fashion in sports, bodybuilders and athletes that are turned into entertainers, celebrities who need to keep fit, and machine for the production of sports facilities. Everything that makes sportpit, exercise machines and equipment, wanted money, and the best way to earn is to make a trend is not a product but a lifestyle to which your product is connected.

Better to start with idols — let him shoot video against a background of trainers and lay out in Instagram your photo in gyms. In the West (where the legs grow from Hobbies) this idea quickly caught on, because they got it in their head that a healthy lifestyle will best help to take a place in the sun. And then the idea caught on with us, like all Western. This provoked a fashion, no awareness there. Do other generations were so stupid that to a lesser extent interested in the sport? No, the producers managed to wedge it on the same shelf human beings, between laziness and needs.

Judging by your words, you’re not really happy with this panacea, and it seems like you’re going to be on the side of good and health just because it is fashionable. So why torture yourself? A little patience, the fashion for healthy lifestyle is come, and the fulness of bad habits will come back in fashion, and girls will begin to stick to the unhealthy guys with a cigarette in his mouth. Moreover, to deal with such things then you need and only when they feel the need. For example, if you have distorted your body with overeating, sedentary lifestyle and alcohol to such an extent that literally crumble on the go. When a person feels like a piece of Christmas jelly that fell on the floor, scattered in a gelatinous pieces and order obmelevshego in dust and dirt, then here are two options: either to go to the morgue, or take up themselves.If you think that you look lovely as Belmondo, look carefully at her reflection. Do you notice anything? What’s with the face, skin, belly sticking out everywhere? Not impressive? Not forced to be terrified and run to do push-UPS? Then ask the opinion of others about his form. Not ashamed? They said that all the rules? Happen. Then go to the doctor to get tested, they will be happy to find you have signs of the plague, stomach cancer, and gonorrhea. After this your legs carry you to the gym, and his hands stuffed in the fridge is not very tasty, but healthy diet. In our mentality serenity prevails over concern for their own health, we begin to engage their physical and mental state only when something hurt somewhere.

If the revelation about the health of you are not impressed, then perhaps your time has not come. Will not work you have to do for the sake of fashion. Fashion is also a motivation, so the question is «how do I become a masochist» should not be. If you wanted, it worked without any excuses to become healthier. But the hedonism you stronger. You can win or has traveled to a third world country as a volunteer and watching the horrors of hunger and deprivation, or losing everything, including houses.

Perhaps our words could hurt you. You don’t think the goal was not to humiliate. But if you don’t believe us, then let’s have a test. This inspection and will be opening to the world Lifestyle. So, start the week with proper nutrition. Ideal is to eat 5-6 times a day with mandatory Breakfast, lunch, late dinner, and small snacks after Breakfast and lunch. After a week, refrain from fried foods and reduce the amount of fatty foods, and then reduce the size of the portions, then add to your diet more fruits and so on. Then take away alcohol and cigarettes. Cleaned. Only a glass of wine 2 times a week, to make it like the Italians.

Don’t forget the sport. Here, too, start small. In the first week start with daily Jogging. Short, 20-30 minutes. To go to sleep on time, too, otherwise Soju. In the second week start training. Enough to start two times a week, otherwise puretrancers. Then gradually increase the amount of training, until they fill up your schedule.If the taste of Brussels sprouts will make you forget the intoxicating sweetness of carcinogens, if you miss only one run and then for a good reason, if he gets off to delicious and unhealthy food more than once, then there is hope. Actually, this is the whole secret. Everything rests on three pillars: awareness (what you need), desire, and continuity (do not start too violently). Well, if you can’t bring yourself to train, it’s either you don’t have, or the nature of the problem. And it already quite another matter.

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