How to love people with became difficult to live, Oh how difficult. The terms of meanness, mayhem, the collapse of sacred values. For the cynical grimace of friendship hides a terrible contempt for your person. One you’re going to defiantly rumpled pants, stale socks, a three-day beard and spit hateful faces – sometimes figuratively, and sometimes literally. You think you’re tired similar to max Payne, but they see you as just a fool. That’s how them after that to love? Mess around – this is their handiwork. How can you properly treat them!? But wait… What’s that in the distance? Oh, and a crappy beam of light. It’s like Jesus to earth descended – another educational program from BroDude. We will teach you to love the society, but it is better to treat and/or not paying attention to whining ill-mannered kids, crazy grandmothers, aunts fat, boorish, arrogant newcomers anal clowns and vile freaks will try.

Find a reason to hate

Any hatred for a reason. Because you hate not because you want (if so, maybe you’re crazy, and you ought to see a psychiatrist), there’s a reason. Because we hate the man for what he is, and for some certain things. For example, my boss – because it’s taxing work and not increase the salary of their colleagues because they, unlike you, can get together and spend less time than you, unfocused dunce. Them for that pay a premium, and you was just a waste. Hated distant relatives who come to visit you once a year for a week and act like Caligula at feasts, do what you want.

And sometimes there is just envy those, who have everything, who got the benefit of not hard labor, and by right of inheritance. Rich dad, because it gives more opportunities than Germany for Syrian immigrants.

So take care in the source of their troubles. Start with one person, finish society – it will be easier to understand. Why all this digging? Patience, my friend.

Love your ugly

«Well, you be people, well we all are people», – said the hero of Sergei Pakhomov in a brilliant pamphlet about human nature «Green elephant». If people behave improperly, then they have reason, therefore they can’t behave like people. Don’t know how. And this can only cause pity. This feeling of pity will be weak, but damn it, solace. Jesus taught us to love the orphaned and poor. Here you are love, Jesus did not advise, all the bad things followers came up. You have human qualities, and they don’t. If not and qualities you have produce!

We do not allude to that, but some of which are incorrect and unacceptable in everyday suffer from the same human stupidity.

Cut out the tumor of envy

And envy to fight very simply: to spit and to go for their goals, setting at the head of his life dream to do all these goons. And remember that these rich parasites, from which the sciatic nerve pulsates as the heart of Chuck Norris at the thought of the independence of Texas, is full of problems that are not you. For example, a small penis, the threat of kidnapping and the inability to hang out behind the garages in good company. Joke. Know that the rich also cry and crocodile tears. And live without daddies can be one.

He is guilty

It is believed that the two preceding paragraphs, may not be enough. There is also a feeling that they can turn you into a conceited cynical bitch. Then here’s one striking by the banality of the truth: you’re guilty too. Some people are somehow live without hatred.

Know what’s going on with the authors when the articles in which we put our heart and soul, time, articles which are more serious than others, the articles that we ourselves are interested to write, gaining a few views, and are accompanied by comments like «And here who have forgotten»? We’re going into the bout. And leaving binge, we understand that if the reader does not understand, then blame the author. After all, we write for you and appreciate our readers more than it may seem. Therefore, we did not consider the preferences of the public.

What should you teach experience «» sufferers? The fact that you’re a big boy, with society sign. Its concrete position you hate, the world will not change, only to finally put myself in a depression. So try to adjust to society, can understand that it is not only in people but in you. Wouldn’t be so cranky, and people would be better. However, the focus of the first 3 points.

The smile will become all lighter

Now the hard part is to learn how to more or less get along with our environment. So as not to cause contempt, try myself not to call him. Remember the ancient Covenant: when something is wrong, smile and wave. Look for the good in people instead of the bad, talk with them, smile at them from his disgust. Openness always has to itself. Maybe people will start to treat you incredibly better. Here’s your opportunity to see the humanity on the other side. The worst thing is that all this you might like to restore faith in people.

Live in pleasure

Saturate your life with bright, fun events. Than it will be brighter, the less you will have to drain the a bad society. Fill the life of those that you love. Listen to good music, and you will not irritate Timothy who ruined their presence funny song about «Lada sedan». Travel, see what are different people, and you realize that humanity is not yet choked by sewage of their own poverty. You might even find yourself in a place where you’re truly happy. See good movies, not to stumble on Russian Comedy. Meet special people in your life to think less of hypocrites and scoundrels. Just do not discuss politics, the subsistence level in the Russian blogosphere, and I will go into apathy. A succession of bright saturated life events to hate as you do not want.

Remember, it is impossible to hate and despise people, wish them all sorts of dirty tricks. Remember, they can wish you the same. In addition, you can go too far, and then you will be the main guardian of morality – Joseph Kobzon.

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