How to look like a million without spending a million

Kruty typeNo matter, you earned the status or not, it is always nice to look good and feel confident. All this garbage about the first impression still works and will work until spinning our mortal planet. Of course, appearances can be deceiving and not as important as what it conceals, but to dress well is an important aspect of modern people’s life. Fortunately, you do not need to spend millions. If you pay attention to details and a little more time to spend on building your wardrobe, the result will not keep itself waiting: you’ll look cool while still in the money.

Before I start rattling off advice, I shall warn you what not to do in any case. Don’t buy something just because it is cheap. If you bought with 70% discount costume for 10,000 rubles, that’s not to say that you saved 7000. If you suit is too tight, or big, or here-here will go out of fashion, or made of poor fabric, you’re just thrown to the wind 3000 that could invest in the purchase of something worthwhile. Smart people can’t afford to buy cheap things, invest their money in quality clothes, and they will pay off.

Until you remember when will start the sale at H&M, here’s a few more ways to save on pieces.


Are you one of those who frowns in disgust at the mention of thrift? Sorry. I sincerely believe that it is quite a good thing. Manic suspect that the clothes you wore dirty lousy assholes? Well, Yes, it’s logical: lousy assholes a lot of extra clothes, and some of it they pass in the second. Just don’t like that the clothes were worn before you? Well, everyone has their own cockroaches, I can’t help you. Well worn, but so what?

But where else would I find the legendary Levis 501-th model for 400 rubles? Where, I ask you? And they looked as if they wore a couple of times. Yes, there are dumb worn clothing. But you don’t have to buy everything you see. Pierre Cardin, Burberry, Fred Perry, Lacoste — lot of branded items in the normal state for ridiculous money. And there t-shirts with prints much better made.

You can order clothes from online stores

Everyone knows about eBay, but not all know how to use it. It’s a source of cool stuff! There’s a lot cheaper to buy anything: for example, in the spring I ordered myself sneakers Saucony that we are 3500 and they cost me only 1800… PROFIT! Still cheaper to buy on eBay from sellers-beginners who have yet few reviews. To gain a clientele, they make things cheaper. What else? Other Internet stores. The same asos who even recently translated into Russian language. Of course, there is also full of expensive stuff, but there are ridiculously cheap. Where else you gonna get a decent slip-on shoes for 600 rubles, well, where? And I bought it.

Friends and family (for free!)

This is the most obvious source of cool armor that is often overlooked and often underrated. Everyone in the closet has clothes that looks fine, but they don’t wear for various reasons. You can change and even arrange local (and sometimes city-wide, wow!) premarket.

Go on about!

I’m not sending you to the market: who ever in our days buying clothes at the market? By the way, I have long been interested in this issue. In normal stores clothing often costs about the same as if the sale, even cheaper. Who goes to the market, well, who? If you do, man, dress it there, tell me why and why, I really wonder. So. I’m not about that.

Where to bargain? First, in the same thrift shop can reset the price. Second, if you’re somewhere in the foreign market. Well, you never know, looked. And sometimes rolls on Chinese websites. I haven’t told you about the Chinese sites? Now, that’s really the whole world. There you can find anything. Interested in fake you’re fake. And the option to bargain. The sellers appreciate the good feedback and do literally everything to get them. And, you can bargain on eBay, but that’s the case, if the seller screwed up. Remember the story about my Saucony? We ordered sneakers along with a friend, and for some reason the seller couldn’t send for a week. We asked him what the hell, and he said that he didn’t have the correct model for my girly. What have we done? Selected a different model and asked him to send our sneakers cool a delivery fee, but at his expense because he wasted a week of our time just. Motel on a mustache, man!


Barter is cool. You can share services and things tit for tat, without any money. This scheme worked very long, until mankind came to the idea of money. Sometimes even get better. Very cool that without money, you can get what you want! Know a hairdresser, tailor or someone else? You can target them. You can cut your hair, instead, you fix the computer, or do design signs, or Vkontakte rajarishi — and a lot can still be useful to a person from another person! It is important in this case to have the skills that you can offer and which a person needs exactly the same as you are in his services. A very cool thing.

You can change things. Clothing or just clothing. You cool thin — and dude you’re old «Zenit», because you don’t need it. Or dictionary the Russian-French because he came at you from nowhere and you don’t need a guy needs. Well, decide for yourself.

Between the reputation and capacity, choose the capacity

Most of the guys with a reputation for wind the price for their services: designers, tailors, hairdressers. They have already made a name for himself and can earn a name. Have the right, but you also can not use their services if you find a good replacement. However, there is an element of risk, but you can try. Will not work will not work.

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