How to live?


Hi,! First of all I want to thank you for excellent materials, awesome pictures, cool community (because that’s what it is around YOU United) and just mentally shake hands with you all. I am very interested to read and watch.

And the second is the actual issue. Ice is this: I’m 21, I’m a normal typical student problems, as most («What’s to eat?» «Where are the jobs?», «Which couple?», «Why did I do that?», etc.). There are some talents, some of poporali, point of view, areas of interest, in General, all as at people».

But unfortunately, recently there was a tragedy in my family, my mom knocked. I in any case do not complain to You or the community, I just describe the facts, as I am sure that all of our schools and our troubles, and to have the eyes opened. Once in a while.

My system of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and plans collapsed like a house of cards. I’m not panicking, I’m cleaning the house, do the housework and other things, watching brother and dad… But often visited by the thought: what next? How to find yourself? To enroll in master’s or hell with it? How to raise a brother? How to hold in hands, while doing school, work, paying attention to not only his brother and dad, but my girl who is the bride? I’m not asking for pity or sympathy. I really want to know Your opinion (people who have a lot of events in my life was) and the opinion of people that are there. Guys, how so, and how to live?

And so, ladies and gentlemen. Love your mom. You’ve heard it a thousand times. But hearken the thousand and first: love them, they are best friends and protector.

Thanks in advance to you all.

The answer

Hello to you, friend. At this time, we will reply without a comic, and essentially the way we think, but many may not agree with us – that is their right.

What happened happened, and we understand that such «compassion» from the outside, especially in this situation, it is the last thing you need, so you don’t give. Probably some stale seem the idea that this happens to many people, but it really is true. Sooner or later, the death of loved ones will affect all of us. And again, to reassure it is unlikely, and to answer questions put to you even more.

First of all you must understand that such a collapse of the system of values – a certain kind of life crisis. And such crises you will have plenty, and not all of them will be associated with the death of loved ones, but death will always be somewhere close by. Every time you will experience a break – it’s called life. Your personality will be under a strong and heavy blow, and again and again you will decide how to proceed and how to get out of it. When the crisis ends, you’re already a different person. You can draw an analogy with tempered steel, but she was too beaten.

Your brother, if he already is socialized, is also in this state, and the father, too. If they now can’t live without you, so you need to make them understand that we must move on. No one would ever wish their children miserable life, so we need to keep what is good and not to be afraid to look to the future. Faced with this almost every son on the planet, and this is the moment in life that we must overcome.

And now to another. About the home. How all this time your mother? And indeed, many Russian women, many of whom are raising children, working, some even study and still manage to find time to relax. If you have enough time, give up something less important, master’s degree, for example. You take care of the distribution of responsibilities. Ask father and brother with the chores while he worked. Each should be good, because you can not put this on yourself. Income can be postponed for some time, but if you learn not to give you a piece of paper, but really for the sake of knowledge, then just dropping out is never worth it. It is unlikely to guarantee you a job, but it can help in the future.

Help family is the only right decision, which, as it seems, can come in your head now. And this needs to be addressed, but many such moments completely away from his second half, because, as if you didn’t want, the other person will not 100% understand the whole situation without experiencing it for yourself. So, take care my friend and don’t give up on her, maybe she wants to help you, but do not know how.

When everything goes wrong, we always help real-life examples. It gives us confidence, «Here he turned, then, and I’ll handle it.» If you just for fun, take the history of any truly successful person (a scientist, a musician, a businessman – without a difference), you will feel that all his achievements, often made its way jumping through tragic moments. No one is immune, and they happen to everyone, but some people find excuses to seem, the other is a reason to go further. All you need now is just to move on, to live my life with the girl and the job, and if you have time, and learning. Forces you enough for that, no doubt.

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