How to live with a beard

how to live with a beardBeard is not just the facial hair that they can grow, and then shave it off at any time. This story is much more complex and interesting.

First, to grow a beard is not so easy: once we already told you about how to do it. Growing a beard is a long and complex process, requiring a brave patience and some effort. You can’t just grow a beard on a bet, and then shave. That is, of course, possible, but people who are capable of that probably has no soul. Beard is a living organism, a personality, it’s like a face hugger from Alien: so just from her forever. Chin hairs grow in the external world, and their roots go straight into your soul and change you. Perhaps one day deciding to grow a beard, you refuse to shave it, if not will depend on the fate of the world.

So, you’re bearded. Now you belong to the community licavoli men such as ZZ Top, Leo Tolstoy and other nice people. You don’t want to bring these great people? They’re counting on you. Once becoming a bearded, stay bearded and in the future?

1. Be honest with yourselves

It concerns the question of whether you actually remain bearded. Yes, this question is. Having studied history, I learned that in the British Navy, every sailor who wants to grow a beard has at its disposal two weeks to his chin formed the shoots are regulated by the Charter form. If after two weeks, the facial hair is much less, he is ordered to shave off this mess.

British sailors understand that not everyone in this world supposed to have a beard. You probably seen guys who grow on his face three hairs on four supporter and walk, in the hope that one day the length compensates for the density. To do this is to brush a bald head: this will not work.

Because you are not the captain, you should assume its role. Some time after will start to grow a beard, to evaluate ourselves. Beard looks harmonious? If not, do not hurry to throw away the razor.

2. Some of the styles are outdated

This is a very vague point, because some dudes even obsolete beards seem appropriate, as if growing on their chin since birth. Only a few ones you can get away with walking around with a mustache or a mustache khendlbar rope, most are better more discreet options. The line between style and ugly is very thin.

3. Treat the beard with respect and she will reciprocate

The beard needs care, otherwise it will turn your face in the face unwashed bum who does not shave only because he had no razor and the desire to earn on it money. The beard should be washed, comb, maxivate air conditioning and again brush. All bearded men are caring for their chief ornament in different ways, but the fact remains: well – groomed beard is key to success. If the beard will decorate the face with it you will be a hundred times more successful than without it.

4. Or go to a monastery or operation of a priest

We have all seen the guy with a long and shaggy beard, which is absorbed in a dark nondescript shirt, runs them in a dark nondescript trousers and letting yourself gloomy, God-fearing appearance, but deep down very pleased with himself. If you like this, you cut your beard and get dressed or go to brothers after the spirit and not frighten the people, to the grandmother inadvertently baptized, seeing you in the transition.

5. Remember, which has a beard

Beard there ever times when we got up on two legs and got the beginnings of ideas about beauty. Cave drawings tell us that men with the long beards killed the biggest mammoth (at least I thought so). The beard is timeless, is an attribute of man, is more than just fashion. Don’t drop the honour of the beard.

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