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Always nice to read about someone else’s experience in this specific the art of how to live life. If you don’t follow these advices, at least, it is always interesting to see another person’s viewpoint, the existence of which you do not suspect. In General, I personally always interesting to read such guides in life. Not only because I want to follow them, but because I find it interesting to see different points of view on the issue of the meaning of life, survival and life in General. Today I collected some of their tips for survival in our world, and added a couple of a few books that I liked or remembered.

1. Remember a few favorite verses, so you could tell someone

Not only in order to show off some of Brodsky in the company of people, and for the sake of repeating lines in your head, you could cheer yourself up or to achieve a certain state of mind. And yet so disgusting to realize that you knew these lines many years ago, they are exactly what you liked, but you can’t play them.

2. Never believe everything you hear

This does not mean that you should immediately question any words, saying, «This n*zdezh! Do not believe!» Just… take them on a pencil. Happened — happened, until evidence of this incident is only a hypothesis and rumors.

3. If you say to someone «I love you» really love

If you don’t like the girl, don’t lie in her eyes that you love her. Just don’t say anything. Perhaps with time you’ll feel sympathy for him, but if no feelings and you strongly know it, don’t say those words, because so you deliberately tie yourself to the girl you have serious feelings. It’s cheap, it’s low, it’s not worthy of a man claiming to be men. You think that otherwise she’ll be gone, and she really did need, you have so much trouble to find a woman?

4. Never laugh at someone else’s dreams and don’t try to convince someone to do something what he always wanted

Just make a reservation: this item has nothing to do with really stupid destructive actions, for example, when your friend joins a political party sells a car, gives money for the party Fund and now guarded by nature against the encroachments of the government somewhere in the area Utrish. This is a destructive operation, this is to deny (but most often it is useless, just tell her «fu»). Often when we laugh at the dreams of friends and discouraged them from what they want to accomplish, we’re just trying to manipulate them and impose our view of the beautiful and the meaning of life. Each person had a destructive desire to affect someone’s life and force someone to do what he wanted. This is one of those cases when mothers give their daughters at four years old in gymnastics, because you once wanted it to do

5. Don’t think that all people are equal and all the same it is necessary

Opportunists in the world many, m*Dacians too, many, prostitutes exactly the same as m*Dacians, but, as stated in a noble history: «Shit — it’s not all shit. Someone someone crap drives, and then someone washes». Everything is frighteningly concerning. The girl is crafty like her that was sure all of her needs, falls in love with a dude and begins to behave quite differently. Drysch and loser chmorili in school, a certain amount of willpower and luck may well become the coolest programmer in good shape, while his classmates will turn into a pot-bellied dudes with average income and a fat wife. Of course, there are those who will never change who were prostitutes and m*Dacians all, and they will remain. But we need to look deeper and know that if you come across such people, then you’re not looking for a hundred pounds.

6. Don’t judge people by their relatives

You know, in some cases, the formula «her mom is fat, then it will be too thick» works. It’s 50/50 — either going to work or figure! And you know that everything in this world works according to the principle of «either work, or not.» Apple from the tree may fall not only far, but also to revert so that you and the tree is next to no notice, so give the people another chance and not judge them rashly.

7. Great love and achievements require great risk

All you have to pay a decent price, man! So if you’re looking for «the right woman» needs to go on the «right» place of residence of women and to become at least a little bit right to fit their needs. Want to achieve something? Remember risk! He always accompanies any case. This does not mean, of course, you have to go with a hundred dollars in his pocket to America, to conquer this country because this action is at least stupid. But to go with a normal visa, with normal knowledge normal amount and hope you can, because it will be a risk, not suicide.


8. If you decide to get married, live together at least six months

I already wrote about this here in this article. Although, frankly, six months? Year! At least a year! I used to think that you have to live with a girl for four years and to go with her to the registry office, now I realize that a year and a half is enough. Why? Because this time is enough to understand, does it become a Chica after marriage, will she sit on my neck, will it be okay to get along with my family and see if we live long enough before you kill each other or hate so that to be in the same city is disgusting. Check woman life, dude!

9. Choose a woman with whom pleasant to talk to

And there is something to talk about! I know you’re so not going to give up, but sex with the same person can be annoying. To cooking you’ll be taken for granted, and eventually the Goodies will disappear (where are those wonderful cheese «peaches», which you cooked for me a woman?). But I never get tired of is the ability to talk. If you have common interests and you enjoy being together, it will be your worthy companion and friend, and will long keep you love. Or friendships and good relationships after marriage.

10. Read more books, watch less TV and walk away from social networks

Dude, get out of social networks is a fantastic idea. TV has long become a cesspool for him, as described in the books of Orwell, a continuous stream of propaganda and «minute of hate», the only thing you can look at the life of wild animals, but that stuff on the Internet. I just recently watched live pictures from owls nest in real time. And it was awesome! Books that sharpens the brain and makes you pause. Of course, it all depends on the quality of literature you’re reading. There are all sorts of Coelho and Minaeva even allegedly carry a message, but the attention was deserved. Classic also deserves attention is not the whole, but it is worth reading only in order to form an opinion. Is absolutely meaningless classical compositions, where the action is, that a young nobleman called for the ball, kissed the lady’s shoulder, and then something happened. From the classics I passionately love «the Overcoat» by Gogol and his «Dead souls», «Woe from wit» Griboyedov and «Hero of our time» by Lermontov, because it is not easy work and deserve attention. Don’t shun the tops of the best books, but be careful. Don’t think that fantasy, comics and detective stories. a genre is just a genre of literature with its own characteristics.

Want to understand the psychology of people? Welcome to the world Lorenz, Fromm, Jung and other guys. Want to understand the philosophy and to find the meaning of life? Turn to those who, in fact, invented. In an extreme case, read the textbook for high schools.

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