How to live, brother?


Strange things are going in our lives: we are all so adult, so serious, such wise, we feel entitled to make decisions. Just do not know what. Any, even the most serious issues cause us panic, fear, and we are looking for a Board.

If you see the heading «Community» you will see that most of the questions boils down to: «How to live?» Although we have a lot of articles-tips, guys still want to get more practical instructions. In short, this article is for those who do not know how to find the motivation to act in a given situation and how to behave.

Risk – a noble cause

Brilliant phrase inspired by our editor-in-chief in the dungeons it sounds like this: «primitive man did not have instructions to life.» How much wisdom in this phrase and how much of the stimulus for people like us! Shaggy great-grandmother had to move along the path of evolution just by touch, at the risk of over and over again. Due to this risk you are doomed to so great happiness as to sit at the computer or dissolve the bushing in the toilet. And that risk may allow your descendants to live in a world without wars, with the active colonization of nearby planets and cure cancer.

As there was at max Frei? Oh, that’s right: «any nonsense can believe, would be a good preacher.» Yes, some children: you Chikan, childfree and supporter of the movement, «Chan is not needed»? All right, the path of least resistance, utterly devoid of risk. You can say, stopper evolution, because for taking any needed action, but you’re waiting for detailed instructions «about» a lazy bastard. Let’s be honest: all the instructions are bullshit, an original method to fit one size fits all, because it’s a personal opinion. Just a method of self-affirmation seem to be reasonable people. And you also talked about its uniqueness and otherness. The best manual – instruction based on personal experience.

You’re young and foolish

Not seen the big prick. Indeed, it may be early to cry about low wages, problems with girls and his place in life when you’re only 20 years old. Where are my 20 years? Through the prism of age and experience many of the problems seem not so serious. And actually all the feelings about their place in life only to sound serious, but in reality – zilch. It all depends on the occasion and your attitude. When you act blindly, you go through his intuition and on about their feelings, so the path is correct.

And there is another beach of this issue – immaturity. You’re not so very, very childish behave, hoping that everything is formed and solved. Unfortunately, adult life and adult, in most situations all decisions are made by you.



Imagine you’re sat behind the wheel of the car, went on a long unfamiliar highway, filled it with gasoline, all the cases and went straight on the road, in the West. And you ask: «Where are you going?» You say, «To purpose.» You ask: «what is it?» You say: «don’t know». You ask: «And you’re right to go?» You say: «I don’t know. But I’m going to purpose.»

It’s what happens when you demand from life, any decisions, although he did not know what you need. You think that nothing good ever happens. But life and then throws you the news, they’re just not interested in you. Unless you choose a goal, nothing good will. And if you don’t do this, nobody will help. Going to wait for the sea weather and the inspiration – so all my life and waited.


All sit and wait until the door is opened and tell you what to do? And to answer a question? Is it too weak? Difficult? No, brother, all this is basic laziness. And stay in the comfort zone it is exactly what can cover any citizen in any conditions. This is the main enemy of the human race, SmartMoney dog that robs mankind of its best fighters. Sorry, man, if you do not fight this bitch, confirmed the legendary concept of the Theme Lebedev: «Looking for motivation? Stay in the ass!»

Motivation he needs! So because of people like you, women give birth to smart-ass companions, referred to as business psychologists, business coaches, and motivators who travel the world, tell the same information under a different sauce such as you, and take money from you. You can be proud of, that provide people jobs, but you’re not more than a simple mug.


All ready

Full life all ready ruined Rome and many other empires and now is ruining your motivation. Why to do anything when you can live happily on all ready? Writer Brian Tracy said, «get out of my comfort zone!» Yes, that is what they said. And his book so named. It’s hopeless, sooner or later have to go for it, and believe me, the sooner, the easier it is to get started. Rented apartment, trying to ensure the existence of and save up for something big – so is born the character. However, if you are a scientist-physicist, the future Nobel laureate, I do not dare to disturb.

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