How to live a month without alcohol

manygoodtips.com_13.01.2015_imF1eNssYR8BbA favorite pastime of most dudes is sex, soccer and booze, at least as commonly believed. Of course, the long break in any of these classes does not sound like a tempting prospect, but to be honest with you, drink the most pleasant thing after the break. Today we will talk about how to arrange a period of sobriety. You already know that to stay sober for the night and for several nights in a row is beneficial for your body and mind, and that’s sobriety for a long time is serious business. So first answer all the «why?» because if you’re going to spend, say, a month without booze, you always ask about the reasons for the decision.

The simple answer to this question is: «Because the other eleven months of the year I act like a fucking machine for fun.» Then for weight you can add: «And you know it». Slightly less obvious answer: «Well, I just want to be sober» — it’s better not to answer, because you immediately fall issues of the series: «Everything okay?», «Are you well?», «Are you afraid to sleep?», «Want a beer?». At this point you feel like one of those poor guys constantly ask this question: vegetarians, athletes, those who wants to run a marathon, those who decided to become a volunteer now joined you.

Well, you can go on a desperate step, after which you have nothing to ask. In full voice with all the honest people of the statement: «recently I had a terrible diarrhea, so better watch out». All of you know it, will appreciate you and forget it — at least pretend. Or even the story of how you puked after the last party. In short, something unpleasant. Improvise.

What to do next?

Step one: find yourself a friend

If your friends are conservative, like 99% of the world population, they will not weak fag when they hear that you have going to abandon drinking. For a drink they will tempt you, make fun of your decision, to tease, to say that you’re stupid and send you home. All this, of course, a joke, but still gives batthert — this time you. In this case, you would be much better if one of your friends will support your idea: together, you will be able or to engage in any other business or sitting at the bar next to your tipsy man, will not feel marginalized. A very good solution.

Step two: avoid the bartender

The most unpleasant people during my sober month is a bartender. Usually he’s your best friend, but usually you drink. Now the situation is changing dramatically. The same bartender, who kindly pour you another pint, now turned into a bully, or which raises you to laugh, looks at you angrily, saying, «What kind of idiot comes to a bar to drink coffee or Red bull?». As soon as you will envy this guy, start moving in the opposite direction. Or Vice versa, do not run, and bravely ask him for his «7 up».

Step three: take your head off

Usually you’re not too thinking about where to have fun in the evening, because with the booze and without the fun. But now the situation has changed, and yet all get drunk at the bar, you’re sober and you need something to do. Here Chad is not even to sit, pressing his ass, and be proud that you are sober. We must accept it as something natural and just something to do. So your mind started to take in think about how cool it would be to sit at the bar with friends, drinks, music, guns and girls. The main thing — do not hang out with boring people.

Step four: be patient

That would not be in your way: bartender who hates to pour a coke without whisky, the revelers and the smell of stale friends or a nasty toilet of a nightclub, which previously seemed quite acceptable — be patient. You just need to endure the sounds and smells: very well then be nicer. Laugh together with your friends, laugh at them or enjoy their smoothies as they can and overcome these temporary difficulties.


In the end I’d come to the conclusion that a month of sobriety is only a month, a tough month, which is worth your efforts. Moreover, this month you’re likely you’ll learn something, overcome something: for example, the herd mentality. And when the four weeks you go again for a drink, a drink will seem to you many times nicer than before. You’re not just going to prove it to myself, bad boss or friend, tired of your endless partying, you’ll have to try something new. By the way, to be sober is also quite a special thrill.

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