How to let go of someone else’s past, if it’s keeping you up?


Hello, dear editors I’m with you, it seems, more than a year, and you never cease to amaze! Thank you for your work: articles, tips and just what you are. In the last two questions that were asked you guys about twenty years old, you bravely answered all they care about. And I hope that you don’t miss out on your reader, which acts in the same age category. The fact that I have a girlfriend, we’re Dating for a long time and, in General, to me she’s OK.

Willy-nilly fate, it so happened that before we started Dating, she made out with all of my classmates. Except for me. And then we started Dating. And you know, I understand that you need to score in the past, etc., but, man, I’m disgusted. To put it mildly, classmates and I have farmers. Well, you know, the friend size, Mat, inarticulate exclamations, etc. And I hate it. I see their faces, and puke. I think: is my girlfriend – and this, it’s disgusting. I never thought my girl would have the «so» taste.

I thought it was silly, I thought it be. But I hate the other, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Sometimes I break down and start to talk to her, I was disgusted, sick, I feel like every day I start to hate this thing, and the worst thing is nothing can do about it. Tell me friend, how to let go of someone else’s past, if it’s keeping you up?

The answer

Hey, dude! Of course, we never leave a desperate friend in need! Only in your case, I don’t really know what I can do. I will say more: I don’t even understand the problem. Of course, such moves would be of course, if you, for example, lived somewhere in Sochi, well, or even somewhere in the Caucasus, indeed, in those hot parts of the country over the behavior of any girl is watching with the utmost care and attention.

Frankly, your claim is more like the complaint of an eighth grader. That generally keeps you next to that girl?! You chose her, and now with disdain spit in the direction of his girlfriend. You’re probably exaggerating a little, telling us that she managed to kiss each other with all their classmates. And in the end, we still live in a free country, we have prostitutes – respected members of society, and your friend just gave the local «farmers» with a kiss of love or passion. What a panic on the ship, dude?

Most likely, your doubts and the growing neglect of the girl growing due to the fact that due to your age you’re still heavily dependent on the herd of public opinion. And unfortunately, this uncertainty will not save you, even our famous broth from the eggs of a goat. You can Google to find the right recipe, but definitely will not find anything valuable. But you’re not in vain appealed to dudes with! We can guide you on the right path, but nobody can forbid us to open your eyes you finally know yourself and admit their doorsteps.

So, why did you even start with such a friend? What is actually wrote to us? In the end, why are you acting like a woman, and trying to find an excuse? You know who you are going to have a relationship! You probably just scared the yoke of herd opinion, it is so bad to meet my friend that lives like any other girl.

If you dream to innocent nymph, you’re looking very tough. Accept the fact that girls are not always clean and modest as we would like. If you still want my advice, I can confidently wish you a beautiful relationship with this friend. In turn, your friend I’d say patience, because not every girl will be a close eye on the hysteria guys.

I still believe in you and that is why I will not call you soplezhuem. The main thing you need to do is to forget about what was before you, if this girl truly loves. Otherwise, it was on to the guys in moccasins and look for yourself unapproachable bitch who witrhout you whole brain, not forgetting for the hundredth time to repeat that it is too clean for your cock.

I want to say that you shouldn’t be afraid of the truth. In your place I’d watch my back too right friends that even alone you are afraid to relax, because their way to them. It is better to leave your current girlfriend alone, if her past with some ridiculous reason you won’t let go. I can’t teach you what you’re asking. If you need this man, then, in theory, you should be to spit on everything else. Man, I hope the above you still draw conclusions and begin to truly live.

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