How to leave a good voice message

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I’m not a big fan of voice messages. I mean, I have nothing against them, I just always depresses the need to hear them. To do this, I have a strange reason: when people know that their vote is recorded in the brain short circuit occurs. This leads to the fact that the message could fit into 30 seconds, lasts for two minutes.

When my friends lost before the answering machine and don’t know what to say, I don’t see anything in this. I see you constantly, know what they really are, and a voice mail from them does not affect my view on them. However, if I call someone else or if this is the first call from a new acquaintance, the vile a Voicemail annoys me and leaves a bad impression about that person.

I know this is a superficial judgment, but I am an ordinary person. A prospective employer or client is also ordinary people, but because there is a possibility that crappy, vague and long the voice message is annoying as I do. Offer you 10 tips on how to leave a good voice message and consequently good impression.

Think about what you’re going to say before dialing the number. When men hear the beep, they often freeze and forget what I wanted to say. If you want to become an indispensable employee, you must show competence at all levels. Don’t ruin your image of a confident guy, mumbles and filling your message sounds like «Oh», «um-m-m», etc. If it’s a really important call, write down on paper in advance everything you want to say. Even if people will pick it up, you now have a cheat sheet that will help to keep in mind what you wanted to talk. If the subscriber does not respond, you will be able to write a clear and concise message.

In the first place if it was. It probably seems a trifle not worth mentioning. However, I can’t even roughly estimate the number of voice messages, when people say something, and I don’t even know who’s talking to me, until the very end of the message. It’s annoying.

Immediately after the name give your contact number. A lot of people say your number at the end of the voice message. It’s annoying potential clients with the message, because if he did not record the room immediately, he will have to sit and listen to the damn message until the very end to hear the contact number again.

Repeat your phone number twice. People seem to forget that the listener needs to record a phone number while you say it. Does not dictate the room, slowly, very fast and unintelligible. Even when you slowly pronounce this information, it is difficult to perceive the first time. So, to repeat the phone number — as the message listener will be able to check, whether correctly he wrote down the numbers for the first time.

Voiced the purpose of his call. To briefly describe the issue that you want to tell. You want to get a job or get a date?

Say some common words. If you call someone, your 30-second voice message is a great chance to establish contact and to leave a good impression. One of the best ways to make contact is for a short time from the beginning of the message to remind you about your meeting. You can also mention the affiliation to the same organization that you have in common.

Be concise. Don’t make your listener resent you for what you left a message length of 5 minutes. People are busy. Listening to 5-minute voice messages is not their life priority, which means it’s only wasting their precious time. A lot of people seem to think that they are the only ones in the world leave a voice message for a specific person. Remember that dozens of other people thinks the same way, and the man ends up holding the phone to his ear for hours, if not more.

Leave a specific request. What do you want your listener to do? Surely you want him to call you back, but why? To answer the question? People will appreciate if you give them a certain course of action. They will know that you are not wasting a lot of time to the query, trying to figure out what you want.

You can leave the email address in addition to telephone number. Give a man a choice. Some like to talk on the phone, while others prefer to communicate via email. You don’t know what kind of person is your listener, so leave him the choice of both. For many, email correspondence is more pleasant, and that you have considered this option of feedback, arrange them in your direction.

Be concise. I was thinking about the need to be brief? So? Make sure that you did it.

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