How to leave a good impression at the interview

impressionIn the interview plays a big role the first impression you will make on a potential employer. Perhaps you will develop it in a very short time. Before you go for an interview, think you look nice? Create the impression of a professional?

At the interview you in the first place, you need to be a person «with brains». You want to get noticed and remembered you as a nice person? Then here are some tips on how to give employers a good first impression.

1. Dress representative

Look at the interview poorly no good. If you come in an improper manner, the employer will decide that you’re just going to do my job. Looks neat and presentable. Besides, your costume should match the style of people who conduct interviews. For lawyers, this means a conservative suit jacket, white shirt and tie. If the work is creative, for example, a graphic designer, it is best to choose a costume free.

2. Looks ready to work

People are attracted to good physical shape. If you’re not in shape, start doing exercises every day for at least 15 minutes a day to exercise the muscles and cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In addition, stop eating junk and switch to healthy food.

3. Correctly shake a hand

The first handshake is a key part in forming a good impression.

4. Focus on your speech

Speak clearly and at a moderate pace, work on intonation, unless you want to look monotone, catching up the boredom of boring. In addition, to Express himself in the language of the person who conducts the interview. Avoid jargon or slang, not work-related, use the correct grammar and words that demonstrate that you have higher education (if any). If people don’t understand you, they won’t be able to love you!

5. Call the person who conducts the interview, name and patronymic

Turning to the interviewer, you put the conversation more personable tone. It also shows that you pay attention to Dating and this man important enough for you to remember his name. However avoid abuse of such treatment: it will push the source from you, because the impression of falsity.

6. Show someone you are listening

If you don’t show that he is interested, then the person you just do not perceive. Make subtle hints that you are listening to the interlocutor, for example, nods, eye contact, act like you have something, ask questions during the conversation. It shows you’re paying attention to the interlocutor and want to know more. Finally, just don’t interrupt.

7. Focus on the interlocutor

Avoid talking about yourself and start to ask questions about the source. Optimal questions that can be included in the interview:

  • What is your position in the company?
  • What attracted You to this company?
  • What do You like best about working at the company?


Remember a few important issues that need to be asked at the interview to get insight into the essence of your potential employer, and these issues will help to ensure that the interviewer talked about himself, and people love to talk about themselves.

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