How to learn to work in a team

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2014_IbvnVifbkQjOLFor you, probably not a secret that one of the main qualities you as an employee, which draws the attention of employers is your ability to work in a team.

What is cherished «the ability to work in a team»? To be a team player is not the same to have a warm relationship with each employee of each Department, and on Sundays to meet with the legal guys in the sports bar. The key word here is «work».

And, believe me, to interact effectively with the dudes from legal in the daytime is much more difficult than in the evenings to drink with them.

Let’s look at what really distinguishes a team player from an ordinary employee.

1. It is reliable

The perfect «team player» is the guy on whom you can always rely on. Whatever happens, he will perform the work well and on time. He will never fail you or any other colleague.

2. He is not afraid of failure

No, he’s in your mind, and in case of fail, most likely, he, like you, disappointed. However, instead of get drunk with grief right in the office, he will take himself in hand, analyze the possible reasons for failure and make appropriate conclusions.

3. He shares information

He does not perceive their colleagues as competitors and not paranoia on the subject of what each of them wants to take his place. He is always willing to share you the necessary information.

4. He says what he thinks

No, you heard right. A team player interested in the success of his company, he can’t afford in response to the order of the head just to nod and agree. He asks questions, expresses doubt, voices their ideas. In a word, fully involved in the corporate life.

5. He’s not trying to dominate

Good team player understands that each of his colleagues has their own opinion and that this opinion is not less valuable than his own. So he’s not trying to be louder and more noticeable all at the planning meeting, he is able to listen to others.

6. He does not give in to provocations

He never allows you to gain power over the colleagues who bring destruction to the company. He doesn’t go on about the hysterical, pessimistic, and generally negative colleagues.

7. He feels the rhythm of the team

A team player knows the other members of his team, knows their individual characteristics and taking them into account in their work.

8. He knows when to say «no»

He knows how to repel annoying that he wants to sit on the neck of a colleague or management, tend to hang on to it additional responsibilities. He knows that the excessive load will affect the quality of his work, and therefore on the quality of work of the whole team.

9. He knows how to solve problems

In stressful situations team player is not trying to shift the responsibility to someone else. He is not afraid to independently take action to remedy the problem.

10. He is doing everything possible

He is really ill for the fate of the company and makes every effort to achieve success.

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