How to learn to understand body language

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2014_SNQnAggLZrRICFor you, probably not a secret that the so-called «body language» or nonverbal communication research — an integral part of our everyday communication. A very large percentage of the information the brain receives is through such signals, the correct interpretation of which is key to effective communication.

We will tell you some basic «phrases» of body language.

1. Eye to eye

If people did not hesitate to look you in the eye, it usually demonstrates a desire to make contact. However, too long look in focus can be read as a manifestation of hostility and even aggression. It is important to be able to feel that the time point at which an ordinary interest in the eyes develops into hostility.

2. Eye movement

The direction of movement of the eyes, many will tell you. If during the conversation, he looks away to the right, it may mean that the other person is lying or in front of you a creative person who is «creative» in the time of the conversation. If the eyes go to the left, then analyzes the source or remember the facts.

3. Smile

To distinguish the sincere from the false smile will help the eyes. The so-called «crow’s feet» — wrinkles around the eyes accompanied only by a smile. Smile without wrinkle speaks of her formal character.

4. Head tilt

Slightly bent to one side the head of the listener demonstrates his sincere interest in the subject.

5. Touching hair

If a girl shakes hair, or permanently «straightens» hair, most likely, it non-verbal flirting with you.

6. Handshake

A weak, limp handshake is seen as a sign of indifference, at the same time, a firm handshake indicates a friendly attitude and confidence. But be careful — musicians, surgeons, or patients with arthritis, for obvious reasons, would be welcomed more cautiously than other people.

7. Crossed his arms

Crossed hands on chest — classic «closed» position, which may indicate unwillingness to communicate, hostility, and that person is not comfortable in this situation.

8. The legs

Sitting position in which one leg near the ankle rests on the knee of the other leg — open position simultaneously and at the same time aggressive. It shows some excess of confidence, which is expressed as «overbearing attitude towards others.

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