How to learn to trust the girl



Dear friends, tell me how to learn to trust the girl? To her? When she says she doesn’t communicate at all with other dudes (unless at work and at work), I don’t believe her. What could be the reason? I myself can’t find her. I hope for your help. Thank you!

The reasons can be many, but most likely two of them:

1. Most likely, the reason for your distrust of girls, above all, lies in your lack of confidence. Do you think that she’s lying to you, to change or to leave you and go to another one. So you think on a subconscious level, he seems to be avoiding the thought that you’re not good for her and not as smart, strong, beautiful etc. In General, you’re not confident. And that’s a separate issue, about which we wrote in the article How to achieve confidence, be sure to read it.

2. Maybe your girl is really prone to intrigue on the side, and you can feel it, though usually for men there is no such thing as women’s intuition, but if you know quite well my friend, you’ll know when she’s telling you the truth, and when lying, if she does not lead you by the nose from the beginning. In this case we also have an article How to understand that she’s cheating on you.

Guide to action:

1. Stop asking her questions about other guys, at least for a while. We girls love it when we a little jealous, but only slightly, and daily interrogations only lead to arguments and in General can ruin relationships.

2. There is nothing tragic in communication with other guys. Why do you think that if she talks to guys not even on the work, I have to sleep with them? Believe me, sometimes we do not attach any importance to the fact that you communicate with the person in the pants who is a member, and not what we have. Hey, relax, it’s just communication.

3. Get your friends to level position. If you think that your girlfriend talking too much with boys, chat with other girls, just chat. You’re not going to sleep, here comes your girl the same way.

So in conclusion I want to say, if your girl wants to cheat she will do it, whether you believe her or not. But sometimes this distrust can provoke it to act, which she had no idea. We are creatures with their own cockroaches in my head. So don’t ruin your life with unnecessary worries occupy yourself with more interesting things and work on your confidence.

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