How to learn to remember names


Imagine the situation: you’re on a corporate or on any other working-oddykhne the West, and you just introduced a guy named, say, Ivan, with whom you in the near future will have to deal with. How to interact? In the first place — to remember his name. Today we’ll give you a few tips on how easy it is to make.

Repeat the name

The best way to remember someone’s name is to repeat it as soon as the person you represent. As soon as you Vanya introduced, say some empty phrase using his name: «nice to meet you, Vanya.» This simple step will slightly delay the name in your memory.

Ask questions addressing the person by name

At the beginning of your communication, get his new friend a question, addressing him by name. For example: «so, Ivan, what brings you to this meeting?» or «Vanya, do you know Bob?». It operates on the same principle as the previous question: you have now less chance to forget his name.

Play with them in Association

Another simple trick is to associate the name of the latter-day familiar with what is already known. For example, what to do with the name Vanya? Imagine that Ivan likes to take a bath, and the word «bath» sound like «Vanya». Somehow it works. Or, you can remember that you know someone else named Ivan — you will note it to myself and remember. When you associate the name with something else, it is becoming more important, and it becomes easier to remember.

Use visual memory

Use the capabilities of visual memory: very good. Surely you had cases when you met someone after a long break and got to know him: just the head that was moving, you remembered his face but could not remember the name. This is because when meeting you see the person’s face, and his name you see. To «see» the name, just imagine this man and tie the visual image with his name. Now they will exist in your brain are inseparable.

Find in a person’s appearance is remembered rice

Now use your imagination to associate the visual image of a person and his name through some outstanding feature. For example, Vanya’s smiling at you in the whole mouth from ear to ear. You may remember that a wide smile and imagine how proud he was going to the bathroom in a terrycloth robe and smiling. So it is possible to remember as many names in one night.

Remember several names at once

If Vanya is also a wife named Helen, you can imagine how they fight, because Elena was too lazy to clean the tub, which is so fond of Ivan. You bind them to a story and remember just two names, so that to remember them will be very easy.


Imagine that you have used any of the above tips — say it all before bedtime. Imagine fighting Ivan and Lena due to the fact that Elena was too lazy to clean the tub for Vanya. As you know, before going to sleep is remembered better.

Reaping the fruits of

With all these techniques the next time you meet Ivan, you are guaranteed to remember his name, but at the same time and ask, how is Lena. He will be pleased that you remembered it, and it will offer it to you. Success in meeting new people, man!

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