How to learn to read quickly

Poradi.yak.ua_4.06.2014_pP2lfZoIkNhN5If you think this skill is necessary for only the children in first grade, you are deeply mistaken. In today’s world a lot of information that we need to see. But the time we have damn few of those. So learn to read quickly is vital. Just say that reading a good book so better not: it’s the same as reading a summary of the book on Wikipedia. This method of reading is perfect for reading articles, books and pages on the website.

Step 1

Check your current reading speed. There are several ways. The most banal — to take a book, stopwatch, to detect a minute and read aloud. Then count the number of words. There is an easier way. Google «speed reading test online» and take it. So you will know what you actually do.

Step 2

Get rid of anything that distracts you. Seriously, you may say that you’re so multitasking, that neither the music nor the talk of the household or the TV you did not interfere, but on the contrary. It’s all garbage. Maybe they won’t knock you, but memorization of the text is affected negatively. Find a quiet place, such as a powder room.

Step 3

The read speed should depend on what kind of material. If it’s the news, where the understanding of the details does not matter, speed needs to be maximized. If important details, for example, when you read Schopenhauer or Nietzsche, or a textbook on strength of materials, slow down and ponder in line. So before you start read, determine speed.

Step 4

Books are not uniform. Some of them deserve a closer acquaintance, while others may only merit a cursory glance. So whenever you begin to read the page, OKIN her a quick glance and understand which parts should be read quickly and where you should focus your attention.

Step 5

Not re-read! Accustom yourself to neperestavaya segments of the text. Many guys re-read segments several times to understand what is written there. Don’t do that! Moreover, most often you just do not understand really if you understand the meaning of the text or you didn’t. Besides, the constant re-reading of certain passages will lead you to what other text will be closed for you mist. How to deal with this problem? Close the part of the book writing. If we are talking about the e-reader, zoom in on it the font and don’t go back to read.

Step 6

Stop reading aloud. Enough to move your lips when reading. Stop reading and repeating some passages in my head. Why? It’s decently slow pace. And look at Step 5, there is also a reason not to.

Step 7

There is nothing wrong to poke a finger in the book or use a ruler. Closely watch where are you now, do not get lost and not to jump from step to step. But don’t dwell on the observation, it is slow. We are also working on the speed!

Step 8

The following advice will help you if you are learning a foreign language and read texts on it. At first we learned to read by syllables, later — read sentences. A further need would be to read the page, but it’s a bit wrong. You need to read, focusing on paragraphs of text. Or to break the text into blocks. Rather than going page and led eyes on each individual word, we offer you to concentrate on the middle of a sentence. So you just glanced at the text, remembering his image, and the brain is already processing its meaning. First you’ll be confused, but after about a month of training, the sense will not elude you. Continue reading do not offer, and blocks. Concentrated attention on the middle of the block (to identify the middle have «the eye»).

Step 9

You know the basics, but now need to practice, and the more, the better. Literally force yourself to practice, then he’ll say thank you and have a taste for it.

Step 10

Regularly test yourself. In a week (more-less) test your reading speed. It all just looks complicated and dreary, do you read every day or something? In fact, should be given exercises to increase reading speed to a maximum of twenty minutes per day. And see the result.

By the way, think for a start, for what it’s all you need! If you don’t have something fast to read, then don’t be bothered? But if your job consists entirely of such readings, the value of skill speed reading is clear by itself.

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