How to learn to quote?

Correctly ripped the quote in other people’s mouths sounds better than copyright.

– Alexander Genis –



Writes the person of a female, but I’m sure my question will interest the male population.

I know of one wonderful man, guitarist, teacher, intellectual. And every time I see him I’m consumed with envy. In conversation, he quickly becomes the center, both intellectual and emotional, and making it surprisingly accurate and comprehensive quotes. He quotes the classics, jokes, movies, poems, songs, even cartoons. And most importantly, I know and have read or watched everything that he quotes. But she would never do so on time and exactly to «push» this quote into the conversation. How does he do it?!

In General, my question is this: how can you learn to quote, to enrich it with quotes and, most importantly, on time and quickly remember? I read a lot, know a lot of poems, but none could quote just because I do not remember at the right time.

I hope you will help me to understand. Thanks in advance.

The answer

Hello, the person of a female. We are still glad that «person» as before belong to the female side. Indeed, an interesting question. Although not forget to remind you that there are other ways to become the center of attention, not all of this place to remember other people’s flowery phrases to look cool. Most people, pigiausia their thoughts, shows itself with a bad hand: his thoughts there. Of course, in order to apply them in business, you need talent, but still be careful with quotes.

The ability to quote well-hides a lack of own ideas.

– Kurt Cobain –and not all relate to the quotations, as something good. Sufis, for example, compare the citation with the digestive process. Here you have eaten the food missed through – out the bowel. You caught the idea, passed through himself, he said – went quote. It turns out that you don’t quote, and guzzle and… that’s it.

Quoting, as with all good: the less you use it, the better. Unless, of course, this is not a thesis. Do not overdo it. And listen to the advice of old LEC:

Quotes are pulled out.Fertility quotes itself, it is better. Let your friends quote.

Well, now about how to learn to quote. Refer to Donald Trump:

Wear always keep a notebook with quotes that will inspire you and help in difficult times.Write out all that much, and from time to time re-read. So quotes will be remembered faster and wedged in the brain.

And now the most important: try razmusolivat each quote, put it down and think about it. Do not take a quote just because it is about the sense of fit to the topic of conversation. As said Erast Fandorin:

Any of the sage is always possible to find statements mutually exclusive properties.Anyway, if your uncle left a cool phrase, it does not mean that it is really useful and witty. It is also important to assess the relevance of the quote. No need to quote the Woody woodpecker at the funeral or Mercutio just because «Romeo and Juliet» is a tragic work.

And don’t try to distort quotes to fit the situation. Suddenly in the company there is another wise man who will know the original. Ugly happens. And it is not necessary to attribute someone else’s breadth of thought. This is not good, it is better to specify, otherwise you may be accused of plagiarism. Though as Huberman wrote:

At writers ‘ circle

Eternal habits:

All quoting each other

Not using quotation marks.That’s all. Assorted article, ponder, write out in a notebook and memorize. Good luck to you!

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