How to learn to get up early

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Larks are born or made? Perhaps both. Even if you’re used to sleep late and to swing only at about the middle of the day, you can rebuild your life rhythm; the main condition is your desire.

If you think about it saying «the early bird catches the worm» makes sense. First, the day becomes longer and you do more. Second, it may seem strange, but during the day you will feel more energetic: think of what you lazily get up at 12, how long tune in a working mood, as you do to some things — but everything is easier: got up, had Breakfast, and feeling focused, because you haven’t had time to lazy.

If you are going from owl to become a morning person, there is important the correct strategy. If you’re just going to set the alarm clock early in the morning, you will achieve only one result: you will Wake up irritated with the sole desire to cut down the damn car over and over again to sleep. We must act differently.

The most common strategy is just to go to bed early if you need to get up early. People usually calculate how much sleep they need, and then rewind time when they go to bed for a few hours, expecting to obtain the correct result. For example, if you usually go to bed at midnight and get up at eight in the morning, it would seem, what is easier: go to ten and Wake up at six! But it is just the same and will not work.

There are two, say, school sleep. According to the first, lying down and standing up should always be in one and the same time. It’s like having two alarm clocks at the beginning and at the end of the day. For life in a modern society it is even useful: we need a predictable schedule. And we need to be confident that we will rest.

The second school some japanska: her followers say you need to go to bed when you’re tired, and Wake up without an alarm clock. This approach is based on biology: our body will know how much sleep he needs. It turns out, the alarm of the followers of this school do not need.

As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Look at yourself, man: if you sleep set hours, you sometimes have to go to bed when you’re not particularly want to. If you need more than five minutes to fall asleep, it means that you’re not very sleepy. You’re just wasting your precious time lying in bed without sleep. Another mistake is to think that you need the same amount of sleep day by day. It’s not that your needs vary.

But if you sleep like God blesses you sleep even more than you need — here is such a paradox. On average, you sleep for 10-15 hours a week longer than you have — and it’s a full day! All who adhere to such a strategy, sleeping more than eight hours a day, and it’s even too much. Besides, if you sleep without using an alarm clock, you can never be sure how much you will stand; because our rhythms of life are not always compatible with 24-hour duration of a day your schedule is enough to start a drift and you’ll start to go at 7 am and get up at 3pm.

The optimal solution is to adhere to both schools at once. It’s simple, and many do: they go to sleep when sleepy, and get up when the alarm clock wakes them up. Thus, they always get up at the same time, but adjust the amount of sleep, because I can go when they please. One rule: always stand clock, seven days a week.

Just go to sleep, when your body suggests to you that. Simple test: if you can’t read a page of the book without distractions or talipa, then you should be in bed. If you don’t want to sleep, don’t torture yourself. By the way, here’s why night is a good read: so you can just understand that no longer able to stay on his feet.

When the morning bell alarm clock, turn it off now, stretch a few seconds and then sit down on the bed. Don’t hesitate. The longer you’re going to be, the higher the probability that you will want to take a NAP. No need to lie and think why you would go back to sleep — just get up and everything.

After several days of living with this scenario, your rhythm will become more natural. If you have too little sleep today, then tomorrow you will go to sleep early. If you have too much energy — go to sleep later. The body itself will start to pass out when you get tired, because he used to Wake up at the same time.

Another advantage: maybe the total amount of sleep is even reduced, and you’re still going to feel fresh. Most insomniacs just sleep when they do not want. If you lay down and can’t sleep, get up, do something else until you feel that the time has come. But if you’re going to go to bed at certain times, you’ll probably suffer from insomnia.

Good night to you, man!

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