How to learn to cook: cooking classes


Among all your special qualities and useful skills, there is certainly a place for one more — the ability to cook. We are not talking about simple scrambled eggs or sausage sandwich, which you masterfully seasoned with cheese and put in the microwave, but the real art of being a chef, will amaze friends, family, and friends for their food and drinks. To be a great cook is not castles in the air, inaccessible to the ordinary man in the street, but it is a real experience that you can very simply get if you want to, of course. We decided to help you to acquire new skills and tell you the most useful thing you need to know before you start cooking.

The easiest and relevant way to grasp the art of cooking is to enroll in appropriate courses. You can of course try it myself, having a sensible cookbook and a bunch of ingredients. But I agree that if you’ve never cooked anything more complicated than a salad «Olivier», then you can face several difficulties that completely discourage you desire to do this.Cooking classes, on the contrary, dreaming and waiting for them to look another newbie to caress it from all sides, besides, in the company of newbies culinary business as you, it’s more fun to learn.

Seriously, the cooking courses are extremely popular today, as any other kind of group classes, since each school develops their own methodology, or borrows it from the famous representatives of the field, makes the learning process comfortable for the student and provides him with all necessary to start and further training.

Typically, these courses are conducted by the skilled professional, the ability to cook which is not necessary at all, most likely he or the chef, or a teacher at the school so much and often that gain experience. Such people can rely on, they know their business. Also, training in a culinary school conveniently as it is carried out according to the schedule which will not allow you to fake to yourself, and therefore, you’re sure to learn anything.

So if you do decide to take this step, here’s a couple of hints where to go to become cooler than Jamie Oliver.

Live delicious

Very attractive conditions are offered by the culinary school of «Live deliciously». Their courses are designed for those of all abilities: those who want to learn culinary skills, you will be able to comprehend this art with all its subtleties and peculiarities, and the more experienced customers, offer a systematization of existing knowledge and deepen the details.

In the classroom you can learn all the basic, like to cook dishes from meat, poultry, fish, dough and other products, how to work with kitchen appliances, as well as, will help you to understand the basic of cooking processes.

Classes in «Live tasty» are conducted in small groups, which allows the instructor to pay more attention to each student, and time for questions will be more. The schedule can choose from depending on your interests: there are morning and evening groups, and the training process takes from 1.5 to 2.5 months, depending on the number of classes per week.

Among the features of this school may be allocated a friendly atmosphere, individual approach to each student, as well as the professionalism of the teacher, which, incidentally, is the co-founder of the school, Artem Vinogradov. Oh, he certainly knows how to apply creative approach to learning.

During training in «Live tasty» 95% of the time you spend on practical exercises that will help you quickly learn a new craft, and possibly apply it not only in your kitchen.

In the classroom you will constantly cook new dishes that should be tasted and, therefore, do not stay hungry, say, that home can take, if suddenly will remain. After the training, the subject of your pride not only acquired skills and diploma in culinary schools, personal chef’s jacket and of course discount card on all future workshops and other nice bonuses from the «Live deliciously». In addition to training process, you can always visit other programs, such as master classes in more than 60 different destinations, and will also help you to organize events, like birthday parties, corporate events. So sign up for a free trial lesson to be sure myself whether the game is worth the candle.

Cooking Club

If you’re looking for a themed community where all members are not just United by a common idea of learning culinary skills, and are ready to share the experience and knowledge to create an atmosphere of friendly fellowship, we know where to go.

«Cooking Club» is not just a cooking school, and a community of interest where you can always find like-minded people willing to chat with you not only on a culinary theme. Members of the club aims to elevate cooking into an art form with which everyone is confronted daily. Each lesson is constructed in such a way that you can feel in the center of events and not just to see how the wizard performs the impossible with the selected products, but also to the most that neither is the empirical experience of cooking.

Come to class in the Culinary Club, you will discover different cultures and their gastronomic traditions, and then, at the next party will be able to show off your erudition. In addition to the standard scheme of development of new recipes, you’re constantly «cook» in the most fresh and interesting news of the culinary world, and the approach to the use of trivial household items will be for you a little more interesting than before.

The school has more than 80 programs of various kinds, which means you can easily find something that suits you and your teachers will be chefs from leading culinary establishments.

«Cooking Club» organizes gourmet tours around the country and the world, introducing students to the original culinary culture of the locals. Private parties, cooking, culinary battles and quests, you can find only here in these guys. Also, the «Cooking Club» works with children — there is a draft Children’s Cooking School for teenagers 10-14 years, about 12 different programs for children 6-9 years. So, if you’ve been wanting to get into a new area — you road to «Culinary Club».

Beautifully presented

For lovers of Haute cuisine and those who wish to understand the most exquisite dishes we have in store a worthy place. A variety of programs that cater to fans of something extravagant, and those who just want to have a great time and, subsequently, to please their loved ones are in culinary school, «Beautifully served». Each lesson is focused on the fact that each student will be able to see with any food dish, and subsequently, to learn how to cook it and also learn many new and interesting things about the kitchen in General.

As a student, you will be able to take part in the master class, which are classes where experienced chefs in a very accessible and creative form will tell and show you what to do.

Everything you need ranging from the workplace, and finishing products will be provided by the school, and then you just have to come to class. For 1.5 or 3 hours you will be able to pump their culinary skills in a small group, and attending culinary parties, which often happen in «Beautifully served».Classes are perfect for individual learning, or as a family vacation, because this culinary school can come with children. We are sure that you will not get bored, as the training is fully built in practice, and if necessary, professionals culinary schools can be invited to their event, where they will help with serving, preparation and organization of interesting leisure activities.

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