How to learn how to properly photograph

manygoodtips.com_7.06.2015_leoH14eLmAh3qIn the summer the number of get-togethers for square meter increased sharply, the girls bared their emaciated body region, and travel with friends of nature, have become almost ordinary, but still pleasant.

Summer is a time of great photos!

For the umpteenth time to say a quiet «thank you» of technological progress that gave our smartphone magic power of photography. Even with a pocket gadget you can make normal pictures, so you should talk about the power of «SLR»?

In this article we will help you to understand the basic settings of any camera and will give practical advice to you once and for all learned how to photograph like a Pro.

1. Mega pixels – this is crap

Let’s first understand that in your understanding means a quality photo. We assume that, first, the picture with the artistic conception, normal focus and color, and only second is the size and format of the finished picture. If your opinion coincides with ours, then you should know that the number of pixels your camera is just a «second». The normal (only?) no longer limited to the setting of image quality, such as «jpreg environments. qual.». Can put «RAW», but, in addition to the huge «weight» and size 5000 3000 pixels, you will not receive anything.

Do not argue, this feature of the camera settings are convenient when you have to photograph the object in the distance or to take pictures with a large number of participants (see a mob of zombies). But if we are not talking about serious post-processing, as the «NORM» will be enough to run ordinary list of photo tasks.

2. Not scaled

Seriously, a grown boy.

Largely this advice applies to the process of photographing with smartphone or digital cameras it is usually to talk about any of nosnost photos «ZOOM 400%» is not necessary. The exceptions are those moments when no approximation to the direct subject is difficult to catch focus. Although even in such cases, you can just come and photograph normally.

3. Sort out the exposure settings

If you’re not a glamour girl with duck lips, then shooting in auto mode is bad for your men’s karma. Of course, some situations require lightning fast reflexes to make a shot, but if it can wait then put set the correct exposure – your sacred duty.

Most likely, the first thing the attention the display attracted three letters ISO. As indicated by the most hated subject of all vampires and sensitivity to light. The numbers next to the abbreviation (ISO 200) represent the upper threshold level capture of light elements. Remember, the lower it is, the better the photo.

Poradi.s. ua_7.06.2015_0dBlahYpO3jrh


But not so simple. Interchangeable with ISO settings such as shutter speed (e.g. 1/160) aperture value (F 3.8).

Exposure is the amount of time when the camera shutter is opened. The longer the exposure, the greater real world impact in the photo. With high rates like the camera setup can get very interesting things:



After prolonged exposure the camera picks up more light and at high ISO. Both these settings are «high» will allow you to considerably to spoil any frame. Do caution and sacrifice on the circumstances: low light, but the subject is motionless, and his hands are not shaking – to reduce the shutter speed, and ISO; a moving object switch priorities. In any case, the main manipulation is always happening with the light, because the camera must «see».

The ISO setting and shutter speed (available on most simple cameras) may be added to the aperture value.

Here easier. The diaphragm is the «eye» of the camera. With wide-open eyes light into the lens more, and the focus caught only the nearest objects. On the contrary, «eyes», everything becomes sharp, but darker.


By the way, the smaller the aperture value the more widely it’s open. Not to be confused:


The whole logic of the ISO setting, shutter speed and aperture value almost nice to illustrate the circuit with the tap and water, where H2O plays the role of light when shooting.


Failing to understand these simple exposure settings, you will be able to make enough high-quality images. Practice on friends, look for good angles, invite to his house, lied that you are the famous photographer.

I hope your Instagram will be satisfied.

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