How to learn English quickly

manygoodtips.com_8.05.2014_cL6AuC6spNKasIf you opened this article expecting to see a universal recipe HOW to LEARN ENGLISH IN THREE days FREE DOWNLOAD WITHOUT SMS, you obviously went the wrong way.

Sad as it may sound, there are no miracles, man. Linguists believe that to learn the language from scratch at a level sufficient to communicate freely, you can do this in about three years. And this, incidentally, quite fast! Those same linguists say that the ideal age to start learning any language – 1 month. If you are reading this, you probably already much older, so prepare to face certain difficulties.

Start to learn!

manygoodtips.com_8.05.2014_ewuUHIktY84w3No, I’m not kidding.

To try it once to see a series of «big Bang Theory» in the original and decide that «it’s not yours — is not considered.

Visit a couple of lessons on English and then «get sick» for a month – is not considered.

Even good to attend these classes every Wednesday and Friday for 3 months – still not considered.

The only thing that will help you get real, productive learning speech — the answer to the question: «Why?». In other words, define their purpose. Maybe you want to have a hot Hispanic girlfriend or to get a job at a big international company, or to speak for life with the Keanu Reeves – find your own motivation, what you really want to achieve. We will also have a strong desire to finally learn the damn English.

And, Yes, patience. There are different points of view on the question «how much time». One thing is for sure: the likelihood that you are one of those talented lucky ones who can learn the language at a decent level, say, 1 year is extremely small. Try not to freak out.

Well, if all fails – get some rest and still go back to school. You need English.

Combine technology in our country there are two main methods of learning English. In schools and universities, tend to use conscious-practical method of teaching, the mastery of the language, in this case, occurs through awareness of its structure. Yes, the same grammar, which annoyed you in 7th grade is here.

Various courses on teaching English the communicative method. This training is aimed at practical acquisition of language, development of communication skills in typical situations.

However, none of the systems will not be effective enough in its pure form – language learning through immersion aka communication method face the fact that soon you will be to chat as a guest worker, but picked up the expressions, but do not know how to put them together in coherent text. The study of language structure only has little to give in terms of real live communication.

In recent years, a trend of mutual integration of the two techniques. However, no matter how successful was the program in your educational institution (if you attend) you will have to work hard yourself. You should not rely only on a teacher and expect completed homework will lead you to success. Do yourself, do a lot, do always. And let help you our hacks.

Use hacks

manygoodtips.com_8.05.2014_BBpseTDqh3Jj5See serials, movies, TV shows in the original. You can start with viewing with subtitles. Watch movies in the record that at any moment you could pause and write unfamiliar words. By the way, handwriting is very important so you will be able to use motor memory. First, you are unlikely to fully understand what is being said from the screen. Try to catch the General meaning of the phrase, a focus on the visuals.

Expand your vocabulary. Bring a notebook-Glossary (see above about motor memory), record not only individual words, but whole expressions, remember words in context. You will be able to navigate the text as a whole, to use «correct» are synonyms.

Consult a frequency dictionary – word of the language it presents, together with information about the frequency of their occurrence. Most importantly, for learning any language to a conversational level, to know the so-called active vocabulary – words that are most frequently used by native speakers.

Memorize idioms. English is very idiomatic – that is a fact.

Use the advantages of living in the 21st century. To regularly communicate with native speakers, it is not necessary to rush to foreign students, coming out of the doors of your Alma mater. There are many social networks designed specifically for those wishing to learn languages. They all work on the principle of » you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. You help someone to learn Russian, who helps you with English. You can exchange messages or even chat on Skype. By the way, the profit from such activities often exceeds all expectations.

There are also various sites for exercises in writing, grammar and other aspects of language learning. And do not say that to learn English is too expensive. You can find a lot of totally free content.

Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid to seem ignorant. Ask questions, try to talk on different topics, don’t be shy of your ignorance. You’re already working on it, isn’t it?

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