How to learn effective communication

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2014_Nvct8XqM1qMObIf your life is a place of communication, then you are also interested in the fact that this communication was not fruitless. There are a number of points that you should know in order to be more efficient in terms of communication.

1. Listen

We have two ears and only one mouth. The very structure of the body like a hint, isn’t it? When you say without listening, communication becomes one-way (read — stupid). If you don’t feel the need to listen to the interlocutor, with the same success you could communicate with the wall hanging on it poster Scarlett Johansson to be more convincing.

2. Choose the time

For effective communication it is also important timing is. In other words, you should understand when to speak and when to shut up.

3. You know what they say

The best way to make his speech understandable for the interlocutor himself to be guided well in what you say.

4. Adapt

Even in everyday communication is absolutely necessary to be able to adapt to his interlocutor. If you’re really interested in the effectiveness of this act of communication is please to present the information in such a way and in such a way that the listener understood you.

5. Simplify

Even the most complicated and difficult to understand information can and should lead to a fundamentally different level of complexity. First, make sure you yourself fully understand what was going on. Second, smash all the information on the «head» and «subchapters». A small volume of the layers of information are perceived easier and faster. Third, don’t forget insights — your source must be a clear summary of his remarks.

6. Keep in touch

Good communicant is not the kind of guy that pretends it doesn’t see a letter in the mail, or not answering. Good communicant is open to communication.

7. Ask questions

Appropriate questions will allow you to avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings during the conversation. Don’t hesitate to ask again is a sign of your interest.

8. Focus on the interaction

Don’t let yourself be distracted by texting and other communication destroying factors.

9. Read neverball

We wrote about how important nonverbal component of communication. Body language will help you to correctly pronounce thee adapt the text to the individual characteristics of the interlocutor.

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