How to learn a new skill

how to learn a new skillEach guy has something he has long wanted to learn, but all the time delays. Argue? You from time to time return to this idea, you persuade yourself, promise yourself, fantasize how cool to be able this and that, but things are there. No way, man. It’s unworthy of you. This year you must learn how to write electronic music, to speak French or what else is missing?

1. Believe in success

The necessary condition in order to bring the case to the end, is confidence in their own abilities. As we approach the business with the confidence that you can’t, you are dooming yourself to failure. You say to yourself: «I parapagus, of course, beat like a fish on the ice, but eventually give up and achieve nothing.» Bullshit! You think you can learn a foreign language only to Asses the gifted man? Not at all! If you believe that you’re not stupid, you will succeed.

2. Prepare brains

We can pump your brain to different easy tricks: to sleep, to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, something to PokerTime on paper, video games and all this will prepare us to perceive new information.

3. Take breaks

Breaks, during which you close your eyes or blink, because it helps to focus on the process and see more.

4. Learn the reality

Trying to create something, to create, and the like? Start with a simple project to learn the basics, and then move to something more complex.

5. Go down the rabbit hole

In appropriate circumstances, adults can successfully learn a new language and speak native-level English skills. Studies show that immersion helps adults to maintain their knowledge at the appropriate level.

6. Focus on technique, not on the result

The so-called deliberate practice: work on techniques that hone a particular skill, set ourselves specific goals, but to focus more not on the result but on the process of learning.

7. Khaki

Life hacking is tips, tricks, ways to make life easier and stupid routine, doing familiar things more efficiently, or even turn them into a game. Even some life hacks improve our ability to learn. Think about what you’re doing well enough in everyday life where you need to pump skill: Laundry service, etiquette, budget planning… Pick two or three hack in this area, learn them and integrate into their everyday life.

8. Stick the exam

If you decide to go on courses in the new year, you need habits that help you to learn well. Many of them are simple: notes, reading aloud, memory training.

9. Promise myself not to throw at least one hundred days

Hundred days. It is three and a half months – not so much. You can even download a suitable application to the phone, which will help you to track your progress, keeping a daily record 10-discontnue video. This program is suitable for all: sports, lessons, ukuleles, juggling – any craft. Of course, to achieve professionalism during this time will be hard, but it will be a great beginning and a strong motivation.

10. Learn in order to learn

Even if there is no such experience, how do you it is vital to have, you can learn it just in order to own them and not to degrade. You can learn to survive (you can never be sure that you can do), improving your knowledge of Excel to learn how to give first aid and do more elephant a lot of things. It is nice to hvastanut!

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