How to learn a new skill: working with wood

The hero of the film «I — robot» at the beginning of the film made a very controversial idea for the advertising of the near future: «We see how a carpenter makes a wonderful chair. And then the robot appears and makes the chair twice as fast and twice as pretty». So the character will Smith is fundamentally wrong. More precisely, right, but the truth is, this is one-sided. That is not why we invented robots to leave yourself time for creativity? No car in the next hundred years will not be able to outperform humans in creation, and this process is so subjective, so incomprehensible, that no algorithms can not understand its principle.

manygoodtips.com_8.11.2016_cSrE8oKjVH5GaTo create a table or a wooden statue is not very difficult. But to create them and more interesting, unique and beautiful — the prerogative of a true master. So, after a while the same thing could be done by machine, but only because she already knows how to do it. The advantage of a specialist that he is able to create the new, to destroy stereotypes and to work around a common framework. This philosophy closely relates to and the scope of the carpenter’s craft is an art requires not only skill, but creativity.

All of us are prepared for standard life: raise a son, plant a tree and build a house. In General, not necessarily to follow it, but the profit in the form of the ability to deal with the wooden boards, no doubt, useful and valuable, even if I have time in my life. This art for thousands of years: wooden chairs and statues and joiners, found in excavations in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In modern times, this profession is not less important: a good carpenter knows how to find the right material and its processing, and the modern house still can’t do without furniture, doors and Windows. So if you were looking for advantages in acquiring skills working with wood, it was they.

Start learning something new from scratch is always difficult, so we’ve found you the joiner’s school «Cedar», where they conduct training courses, which the master taught to turn with hand tools, hand router, classic woodwork and so on. The choice is quite big: from basic skills to restoration. And here welcome everybody, regardless of age and sex (by the way, girls out there for some reason, more — catch your chance!).Also in this school a very comfortable situation: there are intensive courses on weekends and those where the student chooses the time of the attendance — teachers are always in place and always ready in the format of co-working to look after you, if he wants to work on his project. In the capital of Russia there are two platforms, and another — in St. Petersburg, so if you don’t plan to move from Saratov, wait for the opening of the branch.

There are also requirements where the same without them. First and foremost is, of course, the presence of creative and aesthetic thinking. Without these abilities, you are still able to engage in such a national matter, but to expect something more than a standard stool or Cabinet, is not worth it. There’s also no room for those who do not has the proper patience to spend from several hours to weeks on one thing only balanced person, ready to work and put your heart in the process. And, of course, requires a certain amount of money for the purchase of material — if you don’t want your kitchen table to look poor, will have to choose a tree more beautiful. But in any case it will be cheaper model GAMERVISION from IKEA.

However, as in any job, in joinery has its disadvantages. Here they are especially worth considering: for example, strong smells of the processing solutions, the sample of varnish, glue, wax and other substances. Such a cacophony of fragrances can cause dizziness and constant headaches. So often have to go outside and wear earplugs in my nose. Also in the Studio will always soar wood dust, chips and then will mark you in the eye, and a circular saw will always remind you about the dangers of strong cut, not to mention the usual pain. Lucky for you, there are means of protection: masks, goggles, gloves, specialized clothing. Without this in any way, forgive me, but safe. And if you can’t stand the high level of noise, you have noise-canceling headphones to buy.

Another expert in wood is a carpenter coworking «DIY Academy Bosch» — is a contemporary space for artists and beginners who are willing to learn the basics of carpentry and craftsmanship to create exclusive objects of wood. Basic lessons for beginners — four days, and immediately after that you’ll take home your first chair to the delight of the household.This course (with convenient and flexible hours) lasts two weeks: marking, sawing, milling, grinding, Assembly, finishing — all of this you will be able to learn from the best specialists of Russia and to test their knowledge on modern equipment Bosch Green. And after completing the course you will become an honorary resident of the project and will be able to return there with their own creative ideas. Workshop is also located in Moscow, in the North-West of the city — it is very modern equipment, skilled personnel and affordable prices. Remarkably, you can even order a retreat or co-working master class, for example at a children’s birthday party, corporate event, where everyone will get the basic skills in woodworking.

By the way, the skills — it is one, and only bare hands (even with gloves) wood not sawn and processed. In short, you definitely need a disk or mechanical saw, jointer, thickness planer, drill, router, and sets of hand tools, i.e. chisels, mallets, and saws. Suggest these instruments not to save, otherwise one sharp piece of iron will bounce you in the face, leaving a scar in the style of Tyrion Lannister. Plus the inventory it would be nice to remember my school lessons on sketching — without a properly organized scheme with all calculations and the meter there is a big risk to get a result crooked legs or even nestykuemogo details. Wood is not the LEGO: the creating of such material any thing, you need to keep in mind that errors should not be.

On this subject there is an old Taoist parable. Once the ruler of Lu, ordered the joiner Qi the frame for the bell. When the work was finished, the Emperor came to the master and saw a real masterpiece, shouting: «Qi, this frame seemed to have created the gods! How did you manage?». What Qi said that he is an ordinary artisan and do not know divine skill. «First I fasted for three days, forgetting about the upcoming awards and the minds of people. By the end of seventh I no longer felt anything except the knowledge you need to make the frame for the bell. And then I went into the woods and saw a tree that is well suited for this. So there was my creation». This story teaches that any art exists primarily for self-knowledge and peace in their lives. Carpentry will always live, bringing peace to his craftsmen. And you too, if you learn.

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