How to learn a new profession: web designer


Web design is one of the few specializations in the future which 100% sure. Only the complete destruction of the country’s infrastructure can keep web designers out of work, and today this is unlikely: opened every day hundreds of new websites and almost every site is the person who developed all the beauty and all the convenience. And when you consider that most of Internet resources ugly to madness, the work at the newly established specialist web design no end.

But demand for the profession, good pay are some arguments in favor of choosing this specialization. Important is the fact that the very nature of the work allows you to be two sides of the barricade: art and programming. A web designer combines technical and creative start, which greatly increases the interest in the work. In turn, interest in the work is the cornerstone of good earnings and career success. All editors we searched for the best educational platform in Russia, which will help you to learn web design from scratch, without any experience, and master it to those limits that will allow you to earn.


WAYUP was conceived as a project for people who dream to break free from the shackles of office slavery and to find happiness in the work of the freelancer. Andrei Gavrilov, the founder of the project, myself am a web developer with significant experience up to 8 years. Once he decided to live freely, not looking at the boss and make good money – he did it. Now WAYUP absorbs a lot of the individual philosophy of the founder. That is, these courses are not formal, another notch in the portfolio, they aim to practice and benefit, they are extremely self-sufficient.

In the process, the students are now beginning to work on orders, because the goal of the program is to teach people how to work on a professional level and earn accordingly. Thus, people get the opportunity to manage their time, look for interesting projects, lots of travel, no one to depend on.

The training program is called «Web Designer: Lucky Ticket To Thailand» and lasts only two months. Of them one month accounts for direct training, and the second is to work with clients. The contact with the teacher daily, so a study group is always limited in quantity, and the place occupied by quite briskly. The course itself, of course, pays for.

Mainly because of its competent structures, as well as effective techniques for finding customers. By the end of training you will get along with the UI/UX architecture, will be able to design interfaces, create layouts, adaptive web sites, online stores, Landing Page and, importantly, will be able to competently represent their clients, because often this is what determines the quality of your earnings.

In addition to paid courses, there are free workshops, they can go at any time. Your progress is actively monitored, and training is always under tight control. Will need to work hard, not just to view the course on YouTube. A special advantage of the courses WAYUP is in the personal Cabinet, where learning takes place. The private office allows you to be on call around the clock with the author of the course, so that nobody will forget when you need help or support in learning.

2. Netology


Recommend to spend part of the spring or summer of free time in the University online jobs «Netology». They have long proven both from the point of view of quality of training and effectiveness. All teachers have good practical experience and excellent knowledge of theoretical material. But we, of course, more important is the practice. In General, at this University we easily found the course web-design, which describe in detail.

The course is called «Web designer effective website from idea to implementation»that fully reflects its essence. The program is divided into six parts that cover the topic from different angles. It encompasses theory and practice.

The first part includes two hours of theory, which tell us about the Foundation: the tools and the workplace designer. You will get acquainted with the trends in the industry, and they will have learned the basic tools with which to create the design for the site.

– Then we study the design basics of the site that includes ten hours of theory and eight hours of practice. An important part of this Chapter will be a learning familiarity with prototyping and information architecture of the project.

– Next comes the study of adaptive design, which will introduce you to tools adaptive prototyping principles and build prototypes for mobile devices. In total, it will take thirteen hours real time, seven of which were practice.

– Do not forget the authors of the course and the basics of graphic design.

«Netology» do not throw their children in the middle, because for all students they also conduct personal consultations for career development. Do you know how to look for a job, create a resume and interview. In the dashboard, in turn, you have a section with actual vacancies and courses from partners University.

So it’s worth a try. Especially when you have a discount on training, do not know? Just enter the promo code and cross out the cost of a course of three thousand rubles. Surprise!

This is an important part of learning, so it accounts for as much as twenty hours time. If you have art education, many things will seem familiar, but there are specifics that is associated exclusively with web design.Get acquainted with concepts such as composition, web topografika, visual hierarchy, color theory, etc.

An important component of any project that is associated with the web design team. The course will tell you about it that will help you to write a technical task, to work productively in a team, to understand the content of the brief and more.

The last eight hours of the course dedicated to the presentation of work and preparing a portfolio. Again, it largely depends on this approval and your payment.

3. GeekBrains

The basics of web design from GeekBrains is a wonderful opportunity to explore the subject thoroughly, without spending a lot of time. The course is absolutely free, which is especially good when you are not confident in your choice. By signing up, you can see the principles of web design and if you like it, continue more in-depth training. The course lasts fifteen weeks and includes 3 lessons, 2 hours each, each of which tells about a certain part of the web design. The first lesson introduces you to the basics of the profession. What tasks a person who wants to work in this field? What skills and knowledge should he have? What he faces every day? And how to make a website that will appeal to both the designer and the client?

The following two lesson include master classes, which introduce you to the creation of a prototype, typical interface errors, and then – after creating the design layout and protection of this layout to the client. It is worth to mention, that you will learn about how to properly assign tasks to programmers, which will have to be in close contact. However, to better understand their work, you can take another free course – «fundamentals of programming». You do not need anything but the desire and diligence.

You will receive a certificate of completion of training video recordings of all online classes, manuals and homework, as well as the joy of communicating with classmates – people who are just like you, are interested in changing their lives.

4. Firefly Design


Firefly Design is an online school that specializiruetsya solely on graphic design. The approach to learning at individual, student progress always follows a mentor who has rich experience in the field of web design and graphic design. Mentors, of course, there are practicing professionals.

A large number of graphic designers and web designers freelancers who work from home. We specifically chose this format of training to creative people from anywhere in the world could obtain additional knowledge when it suits them, without reference to time or place.

– Director, Firefly Design Elizabeth Balahonsky –Learning is a convenient format that facilitates the understanding of educational materials and communication with the teacher. You are viewing a video, doing homework, and then consult with a mentor. The modern approach is not the only advantage of online schools. Chief, perhaps, is that the school always holds the attention of actual case studies in design, which will be in demand in Russia today.

There is also a breakdown of the taught material in complexity. Budding graphic designers and web designers quite suitable courses of computer graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator, but if you’re more advanced specialist and want to improve their skills, we recommend that you separate course devoted to web design.Thanks to him, you can learn the process of planning, choice of stylistic solutions, the creation of the site layout and graphical elements on the web such as buttons, icons, banners and animations.

In the process of learning you will be able to restore their portfolio with new works and in the shortest possible time to start his own design practice. Now the school has a Firefly Design courses in the following areas:

– detailed guidance on the design of the sites;

– computer graphics in Illustrator;

– computer graphics in Photoshop;

– basics of graphic design.

Also the school provides the opportunity to take courses intensives, which include a more extensive program. The course fee starts from 6900 rubles and ends 18990 rubles depending on teaching hours and material quantities. In any case, this is a great opportunity to learn from people who know their business.

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