How to learn a new profession: tattoo artist

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_P31ULWFDSJrTcTattoos have long ceased to be associated with cupolas and to be something than can only be proud of the convict. Today tattoo is an art, conceptual and underground, one of the ways of expression, both client and master. In other words a tattoo artist is an artist who uses the human body as a canvas, and needle-like hands. Tattooing can be attributed to the kind of aesthetic pleasure, as your body doesn’t just decorate an ambiguous pattern, as well as on the psychological and physiological level are you experiencing a variety of feelings associated with happiness, delight and exultation. If you’re the creative sort and love to bring people a sweet pain, that, probably, the profession of a tattoo artist would be perfect for you And we, in turn, will tell you what to do when there is a new vector.

Why you should become a tattoo artist

Tattoo is not a new invention. Intricate patterns appeared on the bodies of people long before it became mainstream, and accordingly, were people that were doing it. Tattoo was considered almost sacred and filled with mysticism. In honor of the drawing of a figure arranged a special ritual, filled with deep meaning as drawings and fragile souls of their owners. In addition to the spiritual meanings, the tattoo also was a social marker that shows the relationship of the owner to one or another tribe, maybe even to a higher class.

Today the tattoo retains all its functions, which, of course, silent turned. The deeper meaning is important in our days for almost all the suffering of tattoos on his body, and the social question has not been canceled.

Of course, the farther, the more frivolous tattoo, but it is undeniable that tattoo is especially popular in certain social groups: rockers, bikers, for example. Wearing a sample of modern art — is, as a rule, persons with a rather sharp social position, or at least with the desire to differ from the majority.

It follows from this conclusion that such craft is now extremely popular and relevant, and therefore without money you will not.

What should be able to tattoo artist

It was a you ran to satisfy the needs of young misfits, look here: tattoo is very difficult, requires high responsibility, accuracy, creativity and professionalism. Of course, a couple dozen petakov you are stuffed before you start to work in full, but even in this case, we should not forget about the responsibility which you bear for your client/patient. Why patient? Yes, because your new profession so delicate, like any doctor, because you’ll have to deal with the human body, skin, blood, soul, and hence the need to be strong physically and psychologically.

In addition to basic knowledge of human anatomy (that’s handy for a biology course for grade 8), tattoo master has to be kind of creative and understand at least the basic tenets of artistic skill. Do not think that you have to finish art school, but to teach your genius in any art course — the idea is very good.

The knowledge you’ll gain will help you easily edit any sketch, and ideally, create your own, to improvise, when your client will wish, but also, qualitatively to carry all this beauty on the skin.

Another important feature, which should possess each specialist is curiosity. You have to follow the trends, new directions and techniques that are now beating, and interrupt, and also, innovations in equipment, paints and other technical issues.

How to create a reputation

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_rtsZkw9qHJUnLReputation for the tattoo artist is very important, as it was directly connected to the will to choose the people you to implement your plan and, of course, to how much you will get paid for their work. Truly professional wizard get a lot of money and have their work recognized on the body as well as the paintings of van Gogh. That’s because a really good wizard has his own style and handwriting in the field of tattoo art that creates goes far ahead his reputation.

To achieve such a skill not everyone succeeds, and not in a short time. To become a real guru tattoo, you need to practice a lot to improve constantly and to forget about the beauty of plagiarism. Nothing is appreciated among tattoo party as high as your individuality at work. Desire your clients to fill their it your thumbnail is priceless for you and your reputation. Accordingly, if you want to be cool, protect your creativity.

But to neglect the opportunity to learn from the best is not worth, because the formation of your professionalism help other worthy masters.

Repeating after someone you will be able to develop their own, more importantly, to control the process.

In addition to the technical intricacies of the personal experience of every tattoo artist, chat with the cool guys will give you the opportunity to be in the subject and to strive for excellence.

In addition to makeovers from a real professional requires proficiency in many techniques of tattooing, and specialize in one or more of them. Often this is what determines the customer’s choice, because many of them — people are very knowledgeable in what they want and how it should look.

How to effectively practice

Despite the fact that the person who wants to fill his something very secret, abound, consumables for training you’re still limited, because man is not a piece of paper, crumple and burn will not work. But for beginners like you invented an artificial skin that is as close in characteristics to the natural material. On it you will be able to practice from the heart, experimenting with techniques, washes of colour and quality of drawing. After this assist you will be easier to relax the real situation, while new emotions, believe me, will be enough, without a couple, petakov it will not be. What have free to mutilate your friends, but what did not make for the sake of art.

Learning the skill of tattooing

If you think that even after diligent training on faux skin you can go directly to the tattoo shop and delight customers with his willingness to create, that we hurry a little to get you back on the ground. Nobody will give work to the master, who does not have a certificate of appropriate training. Training tattoo artists have to finish every self-respecting and other master. Of course, you can always open your own salon, but remember, we said that the most important thing for the tattoo artist is a responsibility, so make sure you completed the necessary training before started to work.

To learn the skill of tattooing today is as simple as to do it. Many salons run special courses or open school tattoo at the base of the cabin. There is usually going to those who are in this case the dog ate and is ready to teach all comers. Training covers not only the history of fine art as you might think, and includes important points that every artist should turn in their professional habits. Special tattoo schools will teach you to understand the techniques of tattoos and work each of them will show you how to properly assemble, disassemble and clean their equipment, how to work with paint, to mix and match the right color, depending on skin type, and will fill you in on the intricacies of the human body, to dealing with veins and arteries, you don’t get in trouble.

To find interesting courses for you on the Internet, as tattoo shops are opening constantly, and many of them spetsializiruyutsya on training.

It is best to go in tattoo shops with a good reputation and a qualified staff, it is also possible to consider future employment prospects. We suggest you to check out the coolest salon TATTOODOM, which offers its services not only with quality training for the professionals, but, of course, cool tattoo.

Guys always tell their clients and masters something new and interesting via social networks and willing to answer any questions about tattoo skill. Right now you can see some pictures of the workflow and be inspired for a future career change.

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