How to learn a new profession: programmer

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_CPK2zQiGacBw1So you decided to become a programmer. Work is noble and necessary — in the future predict that the demand will be all professions, one way or another associated with computers. Moreover, the coming of this future we can expect not 20, not in 10 years. In General, I hope you will live up to these days.

So, to answer the question, who is the programmer? The programmer is both a sculptor and Creator but all his work is aimed at solution of tasks, often creative enough. Art with limited tools. Instead of a chisel and hammer, pen and parchment, keyboard and mouse. Instead of the word and sharp movements — different programming languages.

A programmer is a hard worker and a farmer. He devotes a third of his life work. The second third is spent eating or sleeping. And here is another one third is boring or not depends on the character and hard work.

Computer technology is now sharply jumped up, and cool is the one who knows not one, but several programming languages. All these C#, Python, and others. It is desirable to understand what was going on before you plunge into the pool. If you understand, but do not possess the necessary skills do not worry, we will show you how fast and where to buy them. With your permission, we will not talk about Delphi and Turbo Pascal, you probably had to deal with them in school and already familiar with the basics.

The C#Language

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_AwGgax7126uDZPronounced «C sharp», not «sea grill», and is one of the most highly and popular programming languages in the world. The brainchild of Microsoft, C# allows you to create applications, games and web services are basically designed to work with Windows. If you’re going to make games use it, as the most popular game engines based on C#.

C# is actively used in the creation of games and applications. In principle, it is possible to learn on their own, but most likely, it will take much more time. Therefore it is better to be trained by professionals to become a Pro, and then successfully find employment. These professionals are the school VideoSharp. This training in practice — the creation of software from scratch. Using the interactive book, you can improve your skills in writing algorithms, the more that each problem has video solutions with minimal theory. When you create programs using graphics, database, dynamic and multimedia objects. To interest in learning grew up on the weekends is a webinars where you can ask any questions and to write another program — online. After a couple of video courses, you can easily create a program on the wonderful language of C#programming.

The Ruby Language

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_DVM59nHdEZzrTEmbodies the best of languages such as: Python, Perl, Ruby is a great tool to start a serious career in programming.

Beloved by hipsters, it is ideal for quickly creating working prototypes, the projects of different complexity. Well suited for the Internet, and will allow you to use the latest and fashionable paradigm. It says a lot of libraries and frameworks. In a real project in Ruby, the developer is likely to find something suitable for the task, an existing library than to write it myself, it is a good practice.

The Ruby developer instilling «good habits», namely to think more and write less. Programmer in Ruby must follow a few principles:

— DRY or don’t Repeat Yourself, which means «do not repeat»;

— KISS, which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. This phrase should be understood as not complicated code.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Ruby freed programmers from the routine of writing codes, as well as brought a brand «ruby magic» in the best sense of the word, delivering a lot of pleasant sensations, after which you just have him «fall in love».

A special place in the designated community Ruby framework Rails. To begin my life many startups, here are some of them: Twitter, Basecamp, Groupon, GitHub, Kickstarter,

To try your hand at learning Ruby on Rails you can on the website a Good programmerwhere it is possible to go through intensive according to the language and to create your first real application, and also to get acquainted with the profession of a programmer to understand the basics of programming culture and meet interesting people.


Pora was.kom.ua_28.06.2016_mUg5QGsHTUHt3It has a minimalist syntax, focused on increasing developer productivity and code readability. It was designed in the early 90’s, and therefore now passed into the stage of perfection, as against all of mistakes over the years managed to get rid of. Many people use Python for their projects, to provide an exhaustive list of won’t — not enough space but some of them are worth mentioning — Dropbox, Mozilla, Pinterest, Disqus, Bitbucket, Reddit, Foursquare. Speaking of Python, we should tell about MVC framework Django.

Django is great. Using it, you will easily be able to create a website, online store or web service, this framework has great potential for the realization of any ideas.

If you still did not become a programmer, maybe with Python you will succeed. A starts exactly here, because this programming language allows you to automate any routine work.

But even the simple language we have to learn under the strict supervision of experienced people. You ask where? The school with the speaker called Level Up. If you have at least some computer literacy and understanding of the programming here will help to understand and learn to apply the principles of Python, its syntax. Python beginner course from programmer Level Up is organized in the form of active learning with a large number of tasks, practical application of knowledge, and of course includes a section on programming in Django. In the process of learning it is proposed to establish a mini-project in Python, and closer to the end of the course to migrate to Django framework. Practice as close to the programming problems from real life. The course involves homework assignments to consolidate, like in school. But unlike the «temples of science» here is much better.

The Java Language

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_sNa7QvESdOLtvThe good old Java. Of course, where without it. The language that is used in industrial programming and in high demand on the labour market. In this language they write serious professionals in such companies as Amazon, Google and Yandex. In addition, all android applications are written in… what would you think? Of course in Java, but it uses an alternative implementation of this virtual machine. However, why do you have such details, learn you will know.

This language is written serverside programs and Internet projects, this language is in demand in the financial sector, because it provides reliability and security written on it programs. Developed for decades libraries have long proved their reliability and JIT compiler as you know, everything gets better, including the speed of execution.

All highly trained specialists work in Java, and they, in turn, teach in school, JuJa. At your service: the terabytes of useful and important information, more than 200 hours of theoretical and practical detailed video tutorials, over 100 practical exercises and tests, effective and convenient system of educational process management, gamification (learning by playing»), tournaments, the establishment of II and responsive community in the face of other participants and teachers. But the market requires not just knowledge, but also showing them what you can do so at JuJa you have the opportunity to participate in open sourse or commercial project and even create your.

Business Informatics

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_1NCLLDFWzAtNTThe main question that arises in the head before entering the University: «And who will I be after graduation?» The main problem after completion of training, whether courses or higher education is a complete lack of understanding what to do next. It is clear that then you can work remotely as a freelancer, for example, or to get to the office, but you can first save yourself from this headache and focus immediately on business Informatics.

In your hands will focus the duties of Manager, programmer, designer, and leader. Very few places where specialists for such a narrow IT-sphere, and among them the best-proven Business-school of information technology. Don’t be confused by the word «school», which you may have completed recently. This is actually the faculty of the Russian Institute, after which you will receive the diploma of higher education.After the release before you will be two possible career paths: to continue its activities in the role of a businessman, or become a guru of IT, gradually occupying the highest positions in the areas of it strategy, implementing new technologies in their companies. In both cases, the fact is that you will be a true professional. The training is based on the individual program, and one of the main advantages, in our view, is that what you are learning remotely. This means that you do not need to run around for teachers to get up to the first couple or nights sitting projects. So, the scale of study may seem too large, but do not forget that IT requires a clear field of study and a professional approach.

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