How to learn a new profession: Photographer


If you remember, recently the Internet went meme in which no one was able to come to the aid of the sinking because the crowd was not the doctor, some solid photographers. So, craft in our days it is fashionable. But not everyone who bought the camera, can be considered a photographer.

And who would not say that about the dominance of people with cameras in hand, the craft is necessary and essential. While there will be documents, weddings, pregnant women, girls who dream of beautiful pictures in social networks, wars, conflicts, fashion magazines and the magical charm of nature and the world around us, there will always be need of those who such beauty needs to fix. So to die of hunger, the profession will not, and if you include the brain and will strengthen their efforts and talent, you can earn enough to have enough for bread and butter, and eggs to taste.

In addition to its importance, the photographer – a profession overly creative. For those who may not be a Suite, nice to put words or elegant dance, photography will be out and a way to release all your creativity. It would be a sense of beauty and talent. However, a good photographer should know a few basic skills, to somehow stand out against their competitors.

First of all, you need to practice a lot and thoroughly. With a tripod, without it, photographing people, landscapes, color, black and white. Practice, only then you learn to feel the camera. As it said in the cold war? «The gun should be an extension of your hand»? That’s right, only instead of a gun – loving gun art, and instead of the chicken – gate.

In the end, experience will teach you how to deal with the camera and familiarize yourself with what lens to use in specific occasion and what camera to purchase.

You must understand that the craft of the photographer is hard work and not fun for parasites. Pay attention to photographers, for their constant risk, as they suffer from the customers of wedding photographers. You have to be in a constant tone, like sports photographers who try to show the most spectacular and aesthetic frame of the goal. It is necessary to send photos and to follow the events on the field. You need to be constantly ready, so to speak, at the point of attack and in his right mind to choose from the hundreds of similar photos of the best.

Teach the wisdom of Studio equipment and lights. No more sad spectacle than a photographer who aimlessly fiddles with a softbox and did not know what to do with it.

Learn to build a composition, so that then your photos are not laid out in infamous public, which contains the most ridiculous photo from the wedding. Learn to catch the light, the dynamics, develop their aesthetic vision of the composition. The photographer not only captures the moment – it needs to make it beautiful.


Photographer with camera in hand, but sitting at the computer. Unfortunately, sometimes the world is not so beautiful, and you have to adjust it a bit for the better. Therefore, to know how to work in the graphic editors, is strictly necessary.

This noble profession demands a careful approach, but it has a lot of room for creativity and self-expression. And this realization will be given money. It is impossible to say how much the photographer earns. Bad – 20000 rubles, good between 50,000 and much higher. It all depends on the reviews and your experience. This is with regard to the private contract. But the photographers in the magazines, Newspapers and major publications get it… different, but on a full enough life. Besides, this work will allow to see the highlights of history and the ability to travel while receiving costs, and in his spare time to compensate for all the deprivation and resentment at the prestigious exhibitions.

No matter who you are: photographer-subject teacher, photo artist, photo-documentarian or photographer-journalist; the important thing is that in the world of visuals that do not like to read but love to watch such a craft will always be well.

And in order for that horse to climb, it is better to visit the school, because under the supervision of an experienced master is much easier to grow into a specialist that other way. If you are not a master of his craft, it is possible to get bogged down in the crush of the same greedy and relevance of pseudo-photographers.

We have reviewed several of the schools, selected the best for reasons of price and quality, communicated with them and now share with you.

Saint-Petersburg school of visual arts

In St. Petersburg the school of visual arts, serving not only the geniuses of the flash and shutter, but also artists, a special approach to newcomers. However, except for programs for beginners, courses for those who want to improve their craft.

The most beautiful thing that all courses are mainly practical in nature, that is boring theoretical lessons will be less. And why should the theory, if in practice more easily remembered. In addition to classes at school, field trips to different interesting places that you know how to navigate and get used to the new landscapes and ever changing lighting.

Courses are different, differ in length and orientation. The coolest course for beginners is 12 sessions, but makes you almost one hundred percent of the photographer. For advanced photographers is elegant treatment for at least 2 years. If you are not seriously impressed by this temple of art, but you live far outside the Leningrad region, then you can refer to online courses, kindly posted on the website.

And most importantly, while you’re learning, is going to your portfolio, so that immediately after school you can submit their work to their future bosses or just share them in social networks to lure customers.


For wizards with PhotoCollege photography is not just a hobby, it’s a real profession. These are the professionals mentioned above: the people cooking in the cauldron photosystem quite a long time and therefore they are taught not only to photograph at a high level, but no less important – to market the photos and start to earn. Work with the students, not only photographers, but also stylists, makeup artists, models.

The school enjoys great respect and has a reputation as a brilliant, come here from all over Russia to learn the Zen through the lens. For those who can not drop everything and come to St. Petersburg or Moscow, very comfortable and high quality online training.

If you, dear friend, had already tried to go down that path, went to photo school, even graduated, but did not add skill, if completely disillusioned with the art of photography, then you need to give your old, unwanted cum, 70% discount and again to regain a taste for photography.

By the way, those works which are used as advertising is the work of students, not graduates and professionals. So look and evaluate the quality of education itself.


A large number fotokursus for audiences of different levels of training, thematic courses – what in PhotoClass . You choose the form of education: from basic to specialized, individual or corporate, and then skilled craftsmen will cut you and gently turn into a true professional.

However, it is one thing to photograph in the Studio and in the nearby surroundings, and quite another – photo tours. This is a great opportunity to learn all the wisdom of photography «here and now». In addition to learning the basics of photography genres such as landscape, reportage, portrait, at your disposal a team leader – a professional photographer and teacher of photography.

This summer tour is planned similar to the dark beauty of St. Petersburg and the exciting heart of the landscapes of Kabardino-Balkaria. So hurry up to book a place.

Open Foto

The principle of the Moscow schools Open Foto is to teach the high art of photography regardless of his photographic equipment. Even if you have erased years camera, you will welcome and teach you everything you know, not hiding a crumb, because the photographs not the camera but the photographer. Therefore, to study «tough» camera is not mandatory, it is possible to learn to photograph even with a «soap box». The only condition – the presence of a camera in manual mode. If you’re already taking pictures, but have some «gaps» in knowledge, here you have what is called, pulled on the program.

The founder of the school, professional photographer Eugene Groves, the man who for a quarter century you’re in with a camera. Of course, to be under the wing of such a master is the dream of any beginner, especially if master and teacher from God.

This is one of those few empty-headed deprived of snobbery and excessive pathos of the schools to which you want to return. Friendly teachers, warm atmosphere and, most importantly, the knowledge that fit into the head with ease, like themselves, never will force to regret the money spent. And to assess the quality of training you can, just by looking at the slider there are images of lessons and pupils ‘ work.

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