How to learn a new profession: masseur

To catch up with pathos in this profession, it is worth noting that the masseur is one of the oldest professions. Only take it is not to services, but solely to the health. To treat the patients members using the massage started much earlier than someone thought of poking them with sticks, and then cut off. People, of course, liked it better when they were pinched, pressed and stroked her. Besides, any process was accompanied by pouring essential oils, intoxicating the mind… Beautiful!

In the ancient States existed in the entire medical school, where massage techniques were studied along with other medical items. So take a massage with some fun at least ignorant.

For a long time craft has acquired a lot of rumors, but we will try to paint it as it is, all the benefits of the craft. Let’s start with the little things – your mighty arms. Well, not to be a massage therapist with a feeble hand-leads, as the lead singer of Joy Division. Girls love guys with strong hands, and when they benefit, then prices them no. In any case, you will never have the embarrassment, and when mom asks you to open the jar, and you can’t.In addition, the therapist works with people and for people. The costs of the profession allow him to pinch, to knead and grab the things easily dressed ladies. Sometimes, though, you will have to do the same with the men, but touching women compensate for all costs.

The massage therapist profession in the hands of, and over the years you will understand that it is a very big plus. The demand for them is great, even in any decent beauty salon is your massage table. The more fortunate can have a private practice. The point is that the demand for massage craft was and always will be. Look how many curves and oblique sufferers with sedentary work, and most of them are willing to pay a lot of money to some handy uncle with the help of ancient Chinese art freed from the annoying pain in the lower back.

This leads to a natural question: how come this full life with strong hands? Do you have to go to medical school, and many years to learn the craft of a chiropractor? Don’t worry, you can do the «people» means in short terms. You need to get on courses that will teach you where to press is possible, and where impossible, than the Atlas vertebra differs from neck, how to massage, so God forbid not to break anything.

After these courses you have all the rights to massage in any beauty salon and massage. But the school, as always, will help your favorite magazine.

School masters massage

Potential St. Petersburg massage therapists should go to study the craft in School masters massage. There is a nice setting for a beautiful party you will first give the basic theoretical knowledge, starting with the second class start to practice. Master put his hands personally, so don’t worry: every student here is an individual approach. 72 hours of training, after which, with due diligence you will become a professional massage table.

At the end of training you pass the exam and get the certificate that is highly valued in many massage parlours and salons. And no matter what form of massage you choose: the popular anti-cellulite, cupping, or the immortal classic. It is equally well taught and the first and second, and third. But a good therapist will learn multiple types, so you can avoid many problems in the future course of a successful career.The school itself is better equipped than many massage parlors. Add to that an experienced and empathetic teachers, the true guru craft – and you’ll get a real Hogwarts where they teach to make people more beautiful and happier.

«Beauty workshop»

Countrymen who are looking for Krasnodar normal massage school strictly recommend you to opt for a «beauty Workshop». Despite the somewhat feminine name, is taught truly, brutal and healing massage with all sorts of bells and whistles, like honey and wraps. Advanced course, except classic, also includes the vacuum, relaxing and some of the basics of Thai massage.

All 3 courses:

Express – fast learning the most important 10 days;

– base – 39 academic hours (13 sessions with additional knowledge;

– advanced course – 15 lessons, during which you will tell me everything you know about massage.To his craft here are cherished, and are therefore willing to share all that you know fully. Do you know whether they with 20 years of experience and a rich Arsenal (which is learning most of the Thai massages in Thailand), very, very much. If you want to learn all the nuances of the modern beauty and massage, then your path lies here.

Institute of aesthetic medicine

A real temple of Wellness science, and from which will reveal all the secrets and intricacies of the massage craft. Institute of aesthetic medicine operates since 2006 year and for 10 years was released from under its wing more than 20,000 thousand people. Tellingly, here he worked not only with beginners, but also professional therapists, who decided to improve the skills, leaving the med school.

Students are taught classical, hygienic, lymphatic drainage and many other types of massage to list. While you choose your time of visit, the school works even on weekends.

Another important advantage of this school is the cooperation with the world massage schools. Invited foreign specialists in osteopathy, manual therapy, neurodynamics etc. Such a serious approach is not surprising, because they are representatives of the world Federation of massage and have the right to issue international certificates. So feel free to go abroad after graduation, problems with employment will not be. However, abroad it is possible to learn, there are training programs in China and India.The Director of the institution, and she is the author of numerous practices and workshops, the approach is more than serious.

But despite the seriousness of the organization, the training is quite loyal, flexible system of bonuses and discounts, with which the comprehension of the mysteries of massage arts is becoming feasible for almost everyone.

By the way, to the delight of the inhabitants of Krasnodar and Kazan is excited to announce that the Institute of aesthetic medicine has branches in these cities. So hurry to sign up for training!

Training center of Roman Vorontsov

Among the many courses of classical massage in Moscow, Training centre of the Roman Vorontsov should pay special attention. You might guess that runs throughout the novel Vorontsov – people who know the beauty inside, won numerous Championships and famous, even abroad. At the time, he has developed many courses that brought hundreds of backs, bones and joints to normal.

Even if you are not confident in their desire to dedicate life massage trade, in this school you will get rid of any doubt. Here, everything breathes love and respect for the delicate and difficult art, and already after studying, you will not be able to work in a different sphere, the atmosphere of love for the craft is very contagious.Sought-after and experienced professionals, it is absolutely not in a hurry, will share all they know. So start to look for a place of work in advance, because to leave the middle of absolutely nothing being able, can only be a complete moron.

School of massage technology Art. N. Galaguza

I go to school here, even those who found themselves in the massage craft: it is necessary to develop skill. And the best place in all Moscow will not find. Well, just go here meters, you can imagine what happens to beginners, who even grind normally can not?

In School, massage technologies Art. N. Galaguza you can find different areas, from the classics to the Taoist massage. The combination of the best techniques of East and West massage, adapted for modern life.

In addition to massage, you can learn the basics of soft techniques of manual and musculoskeletal therapy. Such skills are extremely useful for the massage therapist, and for the high-class professional just need.In school-based, as the name implies, exclusively on massage, you can get state courses medical massage and certification, because the school is a Department of biophysical methods in medicine of PFUR, making your training state. And received upon completion of the diploma of the state sample and the certificate of primary specialization (288 academic hours) or advanced training (144 hours) can you get a job in public health facilities. But a person without medical education, center drops and helps to get in the gym, malls and other private entities.

So hurry up, hurry up to register for the next course.

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