How to learn a new profession: Barber


10-15 years ago, talking with friends in the yard, a rare Putz said that dreams of becoming a hairdresser closer to engineering was. And such a word as «Barber» and was completely unknown to anyone. It might take for the curse and to give a face, because people come in all sorts. But as the years went by you grew up, you became indifferent, what to wear and how to look like you’re beginning to understand what style is, and how much even for a man means appearance. The word Barber has become popular, and we began to realize that to look good for a man not ashamed, and Barber is not a woman’s profession.

Finally we saw that after cities began to appear the first barbershop, in which instead of the buxom beauty hairdressers have imposed brutal man tattoos and beards. And the barbershop have become very different from ordinary hair salons and beauty salons. They were more reminiscent of an outdoor men’s club than a barbershop. In these places and these people want to come more often, but most importantly, the attitude to the profession now completely different. Hair cut and dub the beard is now very cool, and the desire to become a Barber is absolutely clear. But where to find the very good school which will teach not only to hold the scissors in his hands, but will also instill a sense of style? Each boasts a unique school, secret, secrets, and fabulous technology, only the reality is at the level of aunt Natasha’s beauty salon «Elena». Well, let me recommend you the places which do have a unique place technologies. Suggest only what they themselves believe.

School stylists «Persona»

Study in an adult: lectures, trainings and workshops – only for three days, and in the entourage of bearded snobbery. Courses were created especially for those who are already familiar with the clippers and scissors firsthand, but I would like to pull the materiel and learn a few tricks. However, beginners and all those wishing to learn how to cut the hairs to be beautiful, not crooked as in the tsiryulen in the area, here are waiting with open arms.

It is worth noting that responsive teachers teach not only to keep the equipment and make smooth transitions, but also help to understand the philosophy of barbering, to understand the skill of constructing men’s haircuts. After all, Barber is not just cuts and shaves: he creates a style, it makes the image literally in an hour it can change the life and Outlook of a person.

A couple more reasons to join school of stylists «Persona». The first reason is the experience and status of a network of salons. They exist already since 1995, there are some readers not yet born yet «a Person» to win the market. In our country such longevity means a lot. But the second reason just makes the bad hairdressers into a decent Barber. Her name is Victoria Zharinova, and it is the official Barber Panasonic.

Do not be confused by her gender: she knows as much as men.

After such Barbarigo educational program of the school of stylists «Persona» won’t kick you out in the cold with a certificate, and will take under his wing and employ them in your salon. Of course, if you deserve it. And there to «top 10 Barber» neighborhood.

School Bazhenov Systems

There are schools that think is what about its image and the number of rubles, taken from customers, and there are those that think about their students. School of Pavel Bazhenov is one of those. Classes can start any day, without waiting for the group set. In addition, you can control the schedule of the visit the school at any time to suspend full-time employment. Nobody in you not restrict, the most important thing – your desire, well, and diligence, without it in any way.

By the way, the first week is exploratory in nature, and she did not take a penny (dime).

In addition to the two basic courses you can select additional, which will make your skills even better as grenade launchers machine – efficacy on the face. But that would come later, but first you need to learn database. And this will help you School Paul Bazhenov, where I work absolutely way (which is rare for their environment) and helpful people.It is on their shoulders had the mission carefully and patiently, step by step, to prove you in your quest to be the best Barber to mind. But at the same time teach what is good and what is second-rate cheesy mass consumption.

International training centre Motchany

The glorious inhabitants of Ekaterinburg there are no other options to go to school Vladimir Molchanovo. This man was a Barber, even before the first hipster, before every second, stroking his waxed fringe, boasted that he cut in a particular institution. The man was a member of the national team in hairdressing so terrible many countries, like the Soviet Union.

Having accumulated invaluable experience and learning to separate the wheat from the chaff, he has developed his own unique style. And while others make the template hairstyles with clippers and combs, the fruit of the army of mods with the same heads, Matchany making stylish hairstyles that accentuate the individual characteristics of each head. Because not all hair grows equally well, there are persons to whom nature does not allow to wear these hairstyles are for various reasons: the shape of the skull to the structure of the hair.

Vladimir Molchany developed his method of teaching, through which on the third day of classes the students cut themselves, and on the 10th may to compete masters with experience of 3-5 years.

But in order to be as Matchany, you need to: a) be born Matchany; b) long and diligently to learn from the professionals. It seems that the second option is somewhat simpler. So you have the road, my friend Yekaterinburg, the international training centre of Motchany, the only place in your town, and perhaps in Russia, where you learn to feel your client and prove hand made is synonymous with quality.

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