How to learn a foreign language in 5 steps

There is a legend that an Italian cardinal Giuseppe Gasparo Mezzofanti learned a new language overnight. Of course, he had a head start: the guy knew 40 languages-even without leaving his native country, and long glades General scheme of the study of linguistic intricacies. As you know, you can only study one foreign, and for a very short time. For example, for 7 hours — with SpeakASAP.

Step 1. «You have to be close to them»

Time is a resource that is certainly valuable, but even more valuable, your perseverance, diligence and commitment. You know, to sit and learn just «because they have» — it is useless. Therefore, before proceeding, familiarize yourself with the culture and history of native speakers. In jarhead Jake Sully from «Avatar» it took only a couple of hours of screen time — so why do you have to be difficult?

Individual teachers are not worse Neytiri talk about their country are the facts that none of the Wikipedia not to find. I agree, much nicer in an informal setting, or on Skype to talk with a native speaker than to cram conjugation with summer Nina Vasilievna. Enough to sign up for a trial lesson, to be sure.

Step 2. «The language they are full of crap»

At first glance it looks incredibly difficult, very unclear and generally stupid. But then there are experts who understand where you should start and how to finish. To lose my virginity to the first language is always painful, but if there’s a skilled person to fear. For example, teachers SpeakASAP able to invest in your head knowledge of a foreign language in just seven one-hour lessons. Well, not a miracle?

That is literally 7 hours instead of «My name is Ignat» you will be able to tell the stranger in the bar about their feelings or luxurious movie theater in your living room. The specialists of this service have long put knowledge into the heads of beginners, so be sure — they will give you such training program that will allow faster and easier to begin to understand a foreign language.

Step 3. «It’s hard to fill a Cup that is full»

But, no! Even if you mercilessly truant at school and watch only domestic series — base in your head already. It’s your language. Historians have figured out that a huge number of the words of our great and mighty come from Europe and other experts, it is important to note that because of the complexity of Russian it is easier to learn many other languages, including common, English and Esperanto. You were lucky at birth, so go for it boldly! Here are as many as 18 languages — choose to your taste and color banner.

In addition to the standard «English», «Deutsch», «French», «Italian» and «Spanish» you can learn Chinese and Japanese, Greek and Turkish, Norwegian and Portuguese, and also Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Czech, Dutch and Slovak. The Royal variety, but when you consider that each of these languages from local specialists has a program that adapts to the student, — you can already pre-build plans on moving to relocate to another country.

Step 4. «He wants to kill you»

Most beginners to learn a foreign terribly embarrassed that they can’t do something to understand and believe that the teacher sees them as idiots or bags of money. Do the world a favor and get rid of such delusions. Ask, clarify, who, again to be confirmed — this is your contribution to the future of your life. If, for example, teachers SpeakASAP prepared astronauts — we would have settled Mars, Pluto and the constellation of Orion. Their patience and skill truly knows no bounds.


In school we were taught to assess, here, on themselves. You need to understand that there are a lot of people who speak several languages simultaneously. Even sellers of oranges easily move from Abkhazian to Russian, so why you can’t do that? Shoulders back, ask yourself how in your position would have done the Batman and make sure to start studying foreign had yesterday. Important time — SpeakASAP it you will save, without the stress and unnecessary words.

Step 5. «Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane act»

No matter what you teach foreign: for a green card or to surrender that charming Italian that runs under your balcony every morning (well, suddenly). The important thing is that you can without the help of translators to understand the millions of people — not everyone can boast of such opportunity. Don’t forget this important thought throughout your training and remember that some of these millions can change your destiny — you just need to understand it.

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