How to know she is the one?


When I wrote an article about how to remain faithful to marriage, many of our readers decided that the marriage will be happy and lasting only in the case if you marry the right person. But how do you know is it the same one?

Very often it happens that in the minds of men, there are some ideals wife: she must be hot but not slutty, skinny but a good cook, etc. unfortunately, as we all know, the ideals exist only in our head. From these reasons, these guys are constantly left alone. There is another type of guy: having seen several failed marriages, particularly his own parents, and do not marry out of fear to choose the wrong woman.

Of course knowing that you’ve found the right woman yet does not mean that you want to marry her. The decision to marry my wife was the easiest decision I ever made in my life. Cite five main principles that I followed in deciding to marry the same woman.

1. The relationship goes smoothly from the beginning. The best relationships I’ve seen, including my own, flowed naturally from beginning to end. The couple has faced, they felt each other affection, start Dating and then they married. My wife and I are never out of relationships during my courtship of her. Everything about our relationship felt like the most natural thing in the world. All connected with our relations were the most natural things in the world. We’ve never been separated, so have never been back. We had not even considered these options. Unfortunately, many of today’s couples are getting divorced then back together. Such carelessness is likely to continue in the marriage. No matter how strong was not a relationship, they can not stand and eventually fall.

2. She gets along well with your friends and family. This rule can be and exceptions, because sometimes, your girlfriend just can not stand your friend because of incompatibility. But that’s only if one, but not all of your family. If your girlfriend doesn’t get along with them, so think carefully. Because your family raised you and made you exactly as you are now, dude. What about your friends? You simple chose them: common interests, values.. If the mutual hostility, that is, your relatives also can’t stand her as she is of them, maybe you don’t notice in your companion some important detail. Because as you know love blinds people. Unlike you, native people remain with open eyes. No, I do not want to say that you should break up with a girl just because your family don’t get along with her. I only advise you to think carefully and weigh. If you’re confident in your relationship with a girl — move on.

3. There is nothing super-important that you would like to change. There will always be disagreements and conflicts in relationships. If your friend has something really great that you would like to change it, this is the real red flag.In the initial stage when your brain is awash in love, you can be ready and not notice defects or even find them cute. But in a few years when the chemicals of love starts to dry out, this deficiency can begin very annoying. Remember that people rarely change, and marriage won’t make your friend a different person. If there is something that you can’t get along — time to move on. You’re both just wasting your time.

4. She’s your best friend. Physical attraction and chemistry are obviously crucial to any relationship. But the relationships should be strong and deeply sunken friendship. After forty years both of you in any case will become soft, wrinkled, with low libido. What better to hold your marriage than your long-standing and strong friendship. So if you feel that your friend is your best friend in the world, it is very possible that she herself. You want to spend more time with her? It is in any situation that may support you, to comfort and bring joy? You feel you can tell her any thing and she knows you better than anyone in this world? So? Well, she is your only.

5. The thought of marrying her doesn’t scare you. During the period Dating until the night before the wedding, I had no second thoughts about the upcoming event. The only thing I felt was happiness and excited anticipation. I’m not saying that if you’re nervous you don’t have to get married. But if you have every minute Wake up doubts about the right woman you’ve chosen for yourself is not good and you need more time to weigh everything and decide.

Well, in the end, my godfather told me at my wedding: «Marriage is not finding the person you can live with. Marriage is about finding a man, without whom you live will not be able»

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