How to know a typical woman meet women every day. They go with us on the bus this morning, working in the same office with us live behind a wall, punched our shopping in the supermarket. We can assume that they are all special and unique, but something prevents us. Even the great and terrible Chuck Palahniuk in «Fight club» has dispelled the popular myth about the unique, like snowflakes, people. Do not think, unique people meet. Though not as often as we would like.

How to find out, say, bitch? She dresses as if going to a party, and she goes to work. She laughs at every guy who wants to meet her. She discusses behind all of my female friends. It is clear, but it stands out.

What about the normal girl? It is the fact normal, to nothing to stand out. Why, in fact, to know her? The answer is obvious: to have (or not have — depending on your goals) with it. If you need a extravagant face, these signs will help you understand what kind of a girl you along the way. But for dudes who are looking for the usual friends who the stars from the sky is not enough, this list will be your first step in finding them.

So ordinary girl. How to get it?

  • At least she published in Instagram a picture of you sleeping next to the dog. The caption: «My favorite #men».
  • She likes to be photographed on the background of luxurious houses, expensive shops and cars.
  • When she was on vacation, she will certainly fast anywhere typical selling photo. For example, she looks at the ocean, holding a fruity cocktail with an umbrella and writes: «it was Wednesday!» Comments envy white envy girlfriends are attached.


  • When you are watching a movie, and then she asks you: «what’s that?» or «What’s going on, I don’t understand?»
  • When the sky clouds gather, she gladly pulls on rubber boots, not waiting for the rain.
  • She has at least some ballet flats.
  • She loves Starbucks, because they write the name on the cups.


  • She has a photo collage of her birthday persons parents and best friend.
  • She complains that watching basketball is boring because of the constant timeouts and free throws, but five minutes is a reality show — this is normal.
  • She really likes some people, and sometimes unfamiliar.
  • When you invite her to the party, she first asks who will be there. If the part she didn’t like, she is not.

  • It has at least one culinary public.
  • She hates to be photographed without warning: first she needs to put on makeup and comb your hair.
  • She’s afraid of insects, and at times cries out, begging: «Take it!»
  • It all laykaet pictures and video with cats.
  • She likes children.


  • She even once wrote tweets about how he hates Mondays.
  • She likes Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum.
  • She claims she could only eat sushi or pizza.
  • She likes a little mischievous dog.
  • Fall is fallen leaves, apples and baked pumpkin.


  • She will repost the publication of the male of the pages and invites her friends to the discussion.
  • When she manages manicure, makeup, hairstyle, it boasts a photo in social networks.


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