How to keep a friend, if you have it

how to keep a girl

You finally did it. You got yourself a gorgeous girlfriend, and you became a couple. Now there is a new important question: how to keep it. It’s not easy, especially if you’ve never been in a serious relationship. In the head creeps treacherous thoughts: as fast as she decided to be with you, she may decide to leave you, and you’ll be back to sleep alone. Sounds bad, right? To avoid this scenario, look at our list of ideas that will help you to keep your friend.

1. Be careful

You love your friend? Probably, why else would you be doing this. It’s one thing to say to her, and quite another to show it through their actions. One of the most important ways to show a girlfriend you love her, simply to spend more time with her, doing things together that she likes. Hanging out with friends too, but if you’re going to trade a friend for his dudes, she give the impression that you are with them more interesting than her. Or, even worse, that you’re with her just for sex. Rejoice with her, ask what she likes to do. Surprise her: for example, get to a place where she likes, even if he is not happy with this place.

2. Come to a compromise

In the relationship permanently you need to compromise and in large and small. For example, you want to watch football, and she’s some kind of movie about the currency. You could make the dictatorial regime of control, but it feels kind of selfish. Besides, the movie is about currency — good for you, dude! From time to time see with her what she wants. Such small compromises are just as important as compromises on critical issues. This is the key to the health of your relationship; a guarantee that your friend will be there for you. What was it about the great compromise? When two people have different opinions on the same issue, for example, where to go on holiday, here it is necessary to seek a compromise. Speak in a civilized manner, try to understand each other and easy to justify my thoughts, and so you will inevitably come to a common denominator.

3. Give her surprises

If you came home and your girlfriend made you a delicious dinner of your favorite dishes, bought your favorite beer and even find time for all this, aren’t you glad? Same thing with her, good thinking! If so happened that you’re home and she’s at work, think of something. Call her a warm bath, pour the wine, put candles. Or surprise her at the weekend: make Breakfast, make some coffee. Your surprises can be small or large but the main thing that they were. These gestures will show her how important she is to you. And one day she will repay you in the same coin.

4. Talk to her

We, men, don’t especially need to communicate. Easy to be hard, exercise patience and perseverance. But one of these qualities, the relationship can not be built. If your friend wants to talk, talk to her. Talk about anything, talk about anything, just keep the conversation going. It’s important to her. And more importantly you know what? Listen to her. She usually has something to say, a lot of things, so relax, kick back on the couch, hold her hand and listen. Sometimes react, to let her know that you’re watching the thread of the conversation.

It’s not so hard, right? You can handle this, dude, and your friend will be with you.

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