How to keep a clear mind

Hold.s.ua_31.07.2015_HpYWOoepMd2ZPWith your way of life senility can move 20-30 years earlier than you could assume. The brain very quickly melt, especially in this heat or this cold. In Russia two extremes, nothing in between. Everything else – the drinks, the smokes, and quarrel with his wife that destroy your nerve cells and turn your gray matter into something unfit for existence in this world. As a consequence, disease, stress and degradation. And all this can be avoided if you don’t give your brain dry. Don’t put off for later – start now. Train your brain to develop thinking is necessary from an early age.

So what should I do to not to turn into a senile old man, already 30 years? A particular recipe should not be, but we have compiled a list, which will do your brain good.

1. You can diversify your reading

It’s not the number read. Just be yourself friend and make reading a habit. Try different books, it is impossible for life to read the same genre or one only the Russian classics. Read different books which tell about different people with different experiences. Read good journalism or non-fiction books. Qualitative information will never be superfluous. Thus, you will expand your horizons and view of the world. Life should not pass between sleep and work. There are so many interesting things in this world – he was only waiting for you to open it.

2. Develop taste and smell

When a professional sommelier tasting wine, they involve several senses, up to this very was not used. The brain activates those parts which are involved in the transmission of information from these bodies. So if you want to pump the brain in this plan, try to study, and at the Amateur level, the art of the sommelier. Do not have to evaluate the ingredients that make up the wine, you can, for example, to disintegrate the taste of beer, tobacco, cheese or any other products. Moreover, it is very interesting, and good for the brain.

3. A dictionary as a companion

In General, the dictionary is a very useful thing. But they should be able to use. Buy yourself a small dictionary or better download the app on your phone. And as soon as you hear a new, unfamiliar word for you, then write it down, and then read the value and write it down. You will provide a service to those people who can’t stand it when specific words are used out of place. A rich vocabulary is always good and pleasant.

4. Play memory

This is useful. A strong memory is the best defense against insanity. Try to teach poetry, or even liked the excerpts from prose works. Everything else, you will be able to show off his erudition, if happens case. Poems to teach is much easier than prose, yet the rhythm and rhyme make themselves known, so if you easily with the poems, take large pieces of large novels. In General, it does not become a wasted effort, remember only what you yourself like, and you think it’s useful, beautiful, aesthetic, etc.

5. Learn to relax

If your job is not connected with the work, then there is a risk to stuck in a rut. And monotonous actions that are executed during 8 hours a day – the surest way to go crazy and destroy your brain. So don’t make yourself a horse, which will soon shoot. Learn to relax, to let go of thoughts, to switch to something relaxing. Don’t let the factory regulations to destroy itself.

6. Game

Chess, poker, or global computer strategy with real people will do you good. They do develop thinking, train your brain. Most importantly, the enemy was stronger than you. A weak enemy can’t teach you nothing, and even the joy of victory over this will not be pleasant. Try to learn only the strongest. The brain will be grateful for that.

7. Learn a new hobby

You don’t have to be a sculptor, to start sculpting. Also do not have to be a blacksmith to try to forge myself a knife. Learning a new skill is a great reason to train the brain and become better. Different Hobbies is an important part of our lives, try to find some that will help you to improve your own thought processes.

8. TV

View the «idiot box» can be useful only if you’re going to this review to seriously. You don’t need a talk show or musical circus, where grown people, who will have to make a lot of money on other people’s songs. If we were to watch TV, then pay attention to informative shows and films, which may be useful. Forget the habit to turn on each time the TV just because you’re home. If you do not have enough background, it is possible to listen to music. Do not hammer your brain with the scandals, intrigues and investigations.

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