How to justify to the boss?

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2014_OR12ZpNwKrVTVImagine this scenario: after a long and fun drinking night you Wake up the next Monday with the feeling that you were hit by a train when you fell from the burning aircraft. And you have no chance in hell of working day, of course, if your boss is not super world man and you, honestly confessing all, will be able to count on his understanding. But it’s easier to Scam win the lottery than to encounter such a guide. So today we will help you to come up with excuses, with which you will have a chance to treat your tired body and exhausted liver the comfort to work from home.

But let’s be clear: no fictional deaths of your loved ones or solemn announcement that you have cancer or another fatal disease. For that, you will go to hell and you get fired from work if deception will be revealed.

1. A sudden illness

You don’t even will need to develop his acting talent, because if you’re not able to even get out of bed, your voice already sounds greetings from the other world. About this method we wrote earlier, so you can just read about this point in more detail here.

2. Ask to take work home

First, approaching the Mare from this end, you risk running into the question «why?». And then you’re coughing like a century anoressic will begin to speak, starting from the first paragraph.

Secondly, there is a chance really to stay and work at home. At least you will save power from not commuting to work in traffic jams, and quite possibly enough that you could cheerfully to make all the necessary calls, to conduct business communication by e-mail or to write texts in the walls of their own homes, and at home, as they say, and walls treated.

3. The car broke down

No need to say that your car was stolen or that you had an accident. Dude, not cool. Tell me you’re driving to work, full of enthusiasm and martial ardour, but then the unexpected happened, and something spun, twirled and rushed head over heels. You had to call for a tow, all of this issue, and so on. Of course, you could help one, but he’s awfully busy, and anyway, you solve their problems himself. But one condition: you have to go out for a conversation on the street or on the balcony if he comes out on the roadway. The devil is in the details.

4. Someone badly

But not fatal, you remember. This can be both psychological and physical condition, and you just can’t leave a person in this state in the lurch.

5. You’re in a courtroom

If you choose this scenario, don’t mention the current lawsuits, if any. You can say that you were unexpectedly called suing your neighbor over or a tree blocks the view from the window, whether because of a dog that shits at his door. And you need an extra day off so you have time to speak to an attorney and to perform his duty, following the letter of the law.

6. Go to the funeral

«Slay» his strange and eccentric old neighbor, whose only friend was you (in his opinion). And you can not refuse to escort this lovely grandfather on his last journey.

7. Relocation/emergency

Monday turns out to be one of the worst days of your life. A neighbor, maybe this crazy old man in the neighborhood, flooded your apartment, you need, first, to get through to him, and secondly, to eliminate the consequences of the flood. And urgently.

8. Training

Large corporations like educated people, and often they create different programs to help students become highly skilled workers. If you’re one of them, feel free to tell me that you have a big exam or important advice before him, and you can’t show up in the workplace, but, of course, will fulfill this pass among the rest of the week.

9. You won the contest a day trip

You lucky son of a bitch, so you had the opportunity to go to the devil horns only today and only now. Don’t know how the authorities will react to such a statement, but it is worth the risk.

10. Clever excuses, work-related

Such excuses are popular with workers in the sphere of sales or marketing. Say you just won the client of the company and the sex was so good that she promised to sign all necessary contracts, documents, or there is no tomorrow. And when this happens, all can be attributed to the variability of female nature.

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