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Sometimes when I’m driving, you can instinctively imagine the possible scenarios in which I had to jump out of it at full speed. And I am sure that no one I do it. So usually I pass the time in traffic, but I guess there are those who really wants to be prepared for such events. What is the case you may need such knowledge? For example, if you have a broken brake — just like in the movie «Thelma and Louise». Or if someone was kidnapped and driven to an unknown place tied up in the back. In both cases, it’s probably the only way to survive.

Yes, even such a scenario and it is unlikely, but anything in life just happens. Sometimes you have to jump from a burning plane in my hometown once I lit just landed the plane and many people were saved, miraculously jumping out of it. True story, friend. But the planes burn much less frequently than in the cars brakes. So here’s a small practical guide.

Warning: to jump out of the car at full speed only if it is the only way to escape everything else has been tried. Such a leap can lead to serious injury and even death. Try all other possibilities before jumping from a moving car.

Open the door fully. You don’t want it closed until you jump out.

Jump at an angle to the car. You sit in the car and therefore move with the same speed. If you jump, your body will move in the same direction as the car. If you need a car knocked when you’re with her jump, your jump should occur at an angle: * the angle between you and the car, of course, will decrease, but not so much that you fell under the wheels.

Try to calculate the landing on a soft surface. If possible, jump in the direction of the soft spots in the side of the road in dirt or grass. It’s still better than the sidewalk.

Avoid obstacles. Calculate your jump so as not to get on the railings and various other items that may be calling you.

Brace yourself. Before your body touches the ground, scrutiny into a ball. Pull your chin to the chest and clutching his legs, pinning them to the body. This will allow you to protect against injuries to the head and not hit the pavement so that it resulted in a terrible injury. And in this position it is easier to roll.

Scram. It is best to land on the shoulder and rolled away from the road. This reduces the risk of an injury from hitting the ground.

Put on your shades and walk away from the scene, as the hero of the movie. And joking. It usually happens in the movies. In reality, you need to go to the hospital and patch up all scratches, abrasions, cuts and put the tires on the broken bones.

And some of you do at least once jumped from a moving car? It would be interesting to hear this story.

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