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Dude, I read your magazine for years, very happy. All clear, competently written. Thank you for your sensible article.

Now down to business. In General, I need your advice.

The fact that I have to enter into absolutely new to me society, or rather to the Institute. So, how better to show when we first met with the group to occupy a decent position and to gain the respect of classmates.

In my opinion, this topic is relevant, because every guy ever has to join the new society: Institute of work, there are all sorts of courses, meeting friends of friends or girlfriends. In General, I hope, explained all clear. Waiting for your good advice.

The answer

Hello, student. In turn we Express gratitude for what has not changed favorite magazine John Malkovich and accordionist of the group «lube» (that’s us) with some online miscarriage. And thanks for a great question. Try to explain it on the example of the University, as this is not a school, it’s almost life! And methods of penetration into the enemy’s rear is the same everywhere. So, here is our guide for students, entrants, graduates and freelancers who were in the office.

Here, the same laws of the jungle, and in everyday life. Conquer your strengths, you have the same they are? The Institute is exactly the same motley bunch of people, like school, unfamiliar thing. Do you think that universities get, as said Mikhail Lomonosov: «Plato and quick-minded Newtons of the mind»? God be with you, the same degenerates like you in the courtyard at school. Most just as scared as you, just as worried, just worried about how to enter a new team, although most concerned with the fact it was the beginning of a new life. This is necessary to meet, to establish a relationship… tedious procedure.Yes, at first it will be difficult, a clear patsanchiki, mixed with nerds, slutty girls, decent people, and escaped from under the wing of the eagles and glycemi who know the taste of a relatively free life, and will certainly rush to plump and drug addiction. Here’s the first lesson when is dedication, don’t act like a white crow. Drink and be merry, mingle. Scary drink plenty. In the heat of student revelry any inconvenience will pass, and familiarity and behavior will establish themselves. However, dedication is usually two weeks or a month, and at this time must somehow exist.

What to do? First, calm down and use their strengths. To put it simply, you don’t need to grow an incredible Pantocrinum in human growth. «Be yourself and people will listen» — ever heard that saying? If you’re a great Joker and a clown, in the sense of Nikulin and not Ronald McDonald, the jokes, let go of the edge. But remember, a motley crowd, to each other a stranger, don’t overdo it, be ironic, but not mocking, witty, and without pardinho of humor. Not everyone will understand, not everyone will like. However, like everyone, through humor difficult. You know, there are dark scum, which is all annoying. Here they are unlikely to reciprocate.

Don’t be shy to Shine with erudition. Only know the measure, otherwise you’ll hate. You do not need all fix to drive a wedge in all conversations shouting: «guys, I know it», and constantly interrupt the teacher. Quite a few times to Shine in conversation, and everyone will understand that you have a mother good.

And by the way, the build of a rebel farmer, who doesn’t care about school, or clown-nerds do not advise. Some do come to learn, but even the likes of you will not appreciate the show-off. You’re 18, it’s not school, son. Other teams in the same come — prove your mind, talent, capacity for work, in General, that not in vain take their place, and receive a salary/stipend.

One more important thing — not stupid. Just, not stupid: communication, work, decisions. Do not like stupid.

It is important not to hesitate to communicate. The newcomers represent for the team the same awesome shit as a team for a beginner. It’s like a new monkey in the zoo — interesting and scary. And in your case, you bibizyan, a group of parallel, so it’s much easier. Don’t hesitate to ask to start a conversation and to share opinions. In General, communication is the first step to adaptation. No wonder they decided to celebrate in a summary such an item as «communication skills.» According to legend, if it is specified, then the employer will say, and take you to work. It means that you will quickly join the new team.It is in the process of communication, you will identify people who will become your friends, and these frames, which one to use sewer unpleasant. The fellowship is the common grain that will allow you to communicate. A little less in the action, but even if you’re too beautiful jump over a goat, and wear an earring in my belly button (which is strange) without communication, similarity alone does not go far. You know how sometimes you think in your appearance, you action/queer/bum (and sometimes all at once), and is not suitable. And then, after a month tell you over a glass of red my first, negative impression, and on the cosmic scale a loss after they know you better. Preferably, the first communication, do not talk nonsense, lies, and unfunny jokes. Share experiences, tell stories…what is there to paint.

Most importantly don’t be stupid, don’t rock the boat, not fawn before authority, not keep your mouth shut and most important — not to fend off team. This rule of five «is not», coupled with the naturalness gives amazing results and works on all bands. Most importantly, stick to the Golden mean (too Intrusive, vivid and omnipresent do not like), and to make contact. It is important to follow the rules of the pride that you love, and even in the case of uni. By the way, don’t forget about the humor, talent and assistance of the Dean’s office, you also need to make friends not only with the group and parallel, but also with the authorities.

Most importantly, don’t tell everybody his life story, and for God’s sake, don’t tell anyone that you have a printer! Will ask all to pay for ink and paper — only you.

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