How to irritate your parents, when did they let you live with them

Suppose that you had an unpleasant situation, and now you have to move for a short time in his father’s house. Rather, it has insisted the mother, which urgently needs to babysit someone. You already, probably, five years lived with their parents, which may be deep down happy. My mom has generously offered to have you live under their roof, or rather, she strongly insisted on the pretext that you’ll break her heart if she will not agree. Bad idea! In addition, be sure that you do not like to live with your parents, when you have many years with them lived. Consider these tips absolutely harmful, and in order to survive a forced period of life with parents, you need to do the opposite. Although… it is much better to move out, you know.

1. Ask him to Wake you up


You go to work? Well, you probably have to get up early. The best way to piss off his beloved mother in this situation is to ask her to Wake you up, just to the school. I assure you, the first time she will be happy to remember the past and Wake up my son. But if she get up late you, she will surely regret his decision to forcibly relocate you to him. Not only that, she needs to prepare food for more than yourself and your dad, so still need to Wake up gouging and to make sure he didn’t fall asleep.

2. Hang long in the shower

Get into the habit of waking up already in the shower and to sleep under the jets of water. Of course, this can lead to the fact that water bills will increase significantly in volume, although unlikely. But worst of all, you’re going to take a bathroom early in the morning when everyone needs.

3. Pump as many useless movies

Preferably, for the money, bought on some website a bunch of crap for $ 4. Eat someone else’s Internet.

4. All without the rest

When you drink the milk, leave a box with a small amount in the fridge. If the stove is a frying pan with cutlets, eat all but one of the burgers. Leave the cutlet dad.

5. Let them deal with the dishes

Buy your own food and cook your own food. But the dishes leave for parents, they asked you to move here? Usually families clean utensils immediately after eating. But after you have five years of absence in the father’s house formed a different philosophy. «Want to wash the dishes at once? Wash! My philosophy says different.» Be sure that the first 10 times mom washed your dishes, but then she will no longer allow or pride, or dad.

By the way, don’t forget to leave a plate near your computer or bed. Mom will be especially pleased.

6. Careless washings


Now you have no need to wait until all of your supply of socks will come to logical end. Or until you wash it for the tenth time with your roommate. Or when your friend wipes out all your white clothes that she found. Now you can quite easily wash their clothes, constantly occupying the washing machine and place on the balcony for drying. By the way, you can throw one or two things in the washing machine, mom and dad will be happy.

7. Bring different people to hang out


Remember, as parents went away for the weekend, when you were still in school. Remember how they warned you so you didn’t bring anyone here, except for «that girl Marina»? Do the same as you did before: invite a bunch of friends. Don’t let parents ride on the weekends to ruin your sex life. Invite a hot chick to his home so that they are noticed!

8. Drink their booze

Surely your father has something like a small bar. Or your mom at work periodically give the bottle that are pretty in the cupboard for literally years? Or your dad buys the beer periodically to enhance the evening? Show your parents that you’re an adult: drink all of dad’s beer, but one bottle. French wine drink glasses. And a bottle of expensive liquor can be crushed with friends. Oh, as parents you will be delighted!

9. Waste your money

Now you have the opportunity not to pay the rent, so we offer you to buy anything different. You never had designer clothes or a huge TV — buy them, just let your parents think you were placed here for a long time.

10. Ignore the rules of adult life

To make the bed every day? Put dirty Laundry in the basket? There is only on the table? Who invented these stereotypes? You’re an adult, you don’t have to live by someone else’s archaic rules. «If something has its place, mom, it doesn’t mean I have to put there!» I think she definitely will ask you to leave. Without any scandals.

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