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Hello, dear journal. I write to you again and darn glad of it. I read your articles about self-esteem and the like, but have not found articles about how this is the respect for yourself to cause others. It happens that look good and speak fluently, in General, confident, and good-looking specialist, and heads, and those who are older are somehow dismissive or something. How to command respect? Don’t whip it around by the scruff, and blame is uncomfortable. But to ignore is not an option, it may not last long. Conversely, go to a humiliation, if these people can be useful in the future?

The answer

Hello to you, the venerable reader. To admit such an article should have been written a long time ago, and we were even looking, but in a lot of topics, events, plans, when the body is deprived of sleep, you start to forget about everything (Yes, here we are trying to cause self-pity). Therefore, correcting the error.

So, before plunging into a series of lists, paragraphs and subparagraphs, let’s understand what you specifically want: a good relationship or is it respect? Here, it would seem that such different things like kefir and fermented baked milk, but still people are confused. If you want the boss gently and tenderly he fondled your cheek, saying «And who do we have here such good?! And who is this plan fulfilled?! This is our ! What a beautiful and diligent guy,» then you can do without respect. Actually. People who are respected, not always love. Remember hero Daniel day-Lewis from «Gangs of new York», which genuinely respected his enemy. And this respect nor in any way did not prevent him to hack to death «beloved enemy,» as Peppa pig in the dreams of ekonomrazvitija.

Boss you despise, look cold, with a clear rejection, but respect as a person and professional. Know what it’s like to work with management and every day to read in their eyes eloquent: «Yes Schaub you were dead, asshole!»? About it’s crazy! But you communicate politely disgusting (those cases where politeness replaces swear words), maliciously podkalivat each other and smiling politely. Why? Because you are professionals and the only sane people on the entire organization, and, ironically, you can’t have one without the other (work duty, you know) and are required every time to hold back, not to talk shit. Rather, you should hold back, because he is the boss, he can. A story worthy of Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso from the immortal «Clinic». I spent a year. Crazy atmosphere, but eventually we got used to each other as an old couple, and we must pay tribute to my former commander, because he helped me a lot.

manygoodtips.com_14.03.2016_adxOwlIOBXLkCAnd if you want to you should pay more attention, treated well and called closer to the Golden trough, dressed in a crimson frill and start to lick the head of all that licking. Of course, the method of radical, but very effective. After all, Not everyone likes adequate and dissent, I was lucky, but you might get fired. Well, to be honest, in this case, you will have to suck up, but figuratively, and we have to act in accordance with the thinking of the leadership. For example, if your boss still uses a Fax and despises e-mail, offer him to use painted in the corporate colors of pigeons, with skim translucent feces to increase the efficiency of external communication. I don’t care what you think this is idiocy, if he still do not understand the charm and the adequacy of e-mail, he will not go. That is not just to clean the shoes of the boss with his tongue, and at the same time to act in the interests of the company, to be necessary and useful. But do not overdo it, obvious sycophants not favor.

You need to be on the same wavelength with the boss and not to be shy to Express necessary and understandable bosses, ideas, suggestions. They say that the people of the old school contemptuous of you? So the action in their way, act like they communicate on General topics. It is likely that you’re annoyed like I was. So fascinated at the expense of self-respect. And don’t forget to work in good faith.

Most likely, then you will be respected and accommodated under the warm wing of the leadership. At least the probability of more than the second method. No, no need to play dirty like you film villain, with the words: «you’ll see, I will have to respect the whole world.» It’s much easier.

The second method is associated with the selfless, hard work, ability to stand on his own, constant self-development, ability to take initiative in their own hands and attempts to defend their plans and ideas. Choosing this branch pumping its life, be ready for what will have to work much more and constantly be creative, to confront a commander idiocy and feel the last of the Mohicans. Alone is annoying, but perhaps colleagues will respect you. Most importantly, that your actions were adequate, and reasonable.

Remember, if you want to be respected, treat others respectfully, don’t break the rules, avoid gossip, don’t share your personal life and don’t come to work in a bestial state. Find a middle ground between the two described pathways and action for your pleasure. However, all this will have to do if you’re going to do their job better than others.

Oh yeah, you asked whether to go to the humiliation, if these people can be useful in the future? It all depends on your entrepreneurial spirit and goals. If the goal of global, enterprise climbs out and chance isolated, it is, because then you can more than recoup. But if you’re very proud, bare-esteem, it is best to not even try.

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