How to interact with harmful people

From childhood we were taught that we should be friends with all people, as long as you can keep communication with them, be polite to the elders and to respect all. We were told that friends and family — is sacred, what is not there, but relatives, which means you have to endure it, even if you think that your relative and despises you despises.

We wrote many times about the bad people on the harmful friends that you will meet on your life’s journey, about the harmful companies that you come across in life. Harmful people can be relatives, can be in our family, at work, we can even meet them! They will try to manipulate you to spoil your mood and point you in the proper place. It must be able to correctly interact. How? Now we will tell you about it.

1. Go forward without them

If you see someone who insists and plants around you and their emotional atmosphere, it becomes clear that they are harmful. You suffer from their relationship to you. They dictate you what to do, their attitude to you at all you are not attracted to. If you never got from those people signs of respect and support, ask yourself a logical question: «do I Need them?»

When harmful people out of your life, then you it becomes easier to breathe. You can even feel have changed the world around them. If the circumstances and common sense insist on this, leave them and go. Without a twinge of conscience! To be strong means to be able to say, «enough.» When you go from negative people, that doesn’t mean you hate them, it means that without them YOU will be better. And do not say that selfishness is bad.

2. Stop pretending that their behavior is the norm

If you’re not careful, toxic people can use their Moody behavior to get benefit from you, to take you on the neck and haul the chestnuts out of the fire with your hands. Bad people do not change, do not entertain the ridiculous belief in it. Stop reacting to their attempts to manipulate you, they will not die without your attention, they are just pretending. When you do not fulfill even their slightest request, you will see their real fearful face. This is really a change, man!

Constant drama, negative emotions and a lack of response never equipped to endure. If anyone is over 21 and it’s unreasonable, unreliable, not a grown man, who can be relied upon, and they almost have to change diapers, it’s time to put that man on a walking journey.

3. Say

Some people love to live at the expense of others. They love someone to despise, to ridicule, to dictate their terms, to put ultimatums, to arrange hysterics and so-forth. Don’t take this behavior, dude! They will continue to do so as long as you’ll have to let them, because turn a feint ears and tell them to stop trying to manipulate you and use you for their benefit. Unfortunately, many of the problems people prefer to remain silent, and not to discuss them. Fix this annoying omission!

Toxic people try to use anger and hysteria to influence you. Other strongly ignore you, and when you tell them about their problems, they may agree and say, «so what?» If you ever try to resent such inhuman treatment, you’ll meet a really strange reaction to his words. These people can turn into real monsters, they will scream, throw lightning, and will frankly look like someone else. But this is their true face, man! To bring people clean water and see this behavior, you just talk straight. Awesomely straight. They don’t like it. Suffice it to say something like these three phrases:

  • I noticed that you’re angry. There was something… SIGNIFICANT?
  • I see you’re bored. What I say has no value to you?
  • You’re upsetting me with his attitude towards me. Do you want to?

4. Be persistent

Your dignity may be attacked, ravaged and trampled in the mud, but no one can ever take it from you if you voluntarily gave it to the mercy of their enemies. Find the strength to protect the boundaries of your personal space.

Show that the incident didn’t hurt you and no one humiliated your dignity. These people behave this way because you allow them this. Put them in their place, let them know! But for God’s sake, don’t pretend that you don’t notice their way: they will stay with you for a long time.

5. Don’t think the reason for this behavior in you

Know that the reason is them, not you!

Bad people are trying to prove to you that you’re doing something wrong. They constantly push the button «guilt» to make you feel something. They depend on you, they’ll milk the emotions. They strongly undermine your confidence and knock you off. Don’t let them do it!

By the way, if it makes you feel better, negative people behave as always! With all the people in their environment, with «decent people» or some elected.

If you think that you’re guilty of something, think about it several times, perhaps this negative person just a clever way of making you think.

6. Find time for yourself

If you’re forced to live or work with toxic people, make sure you have enough time to relax, rest and recuperate after such a «dialogue». If you’re not careful, the harm can easily spread to you. Anyone except these people, you will understand that you need rest and personal space. You deserve to live without pressure of any kind, you deserve to live without. Rest your soul, if you can’t give up their companies and a better… get away from them!

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