How to inspire her to dress sexy

sexy dress

When you’ve only just met, she was hot: skinny jeans and a top with a plunging neckline. Now several years passed, and she wears sportstony and t-shirts baggy. Or she’s always looked like a Tomboy, and you would not mind if she tried something new: her beautiful figure, and for some reason she hides it in those endless formless switchto. How to be, where to go, what to do? You love her, but her appearance you don’t like. How to inspire her to start dressing sexy, but not to sound harsh dork?

I think you can do to change it?


First and foremost, remember one thing: changing people is not good. We’ve told you repeatedly that if someone climbs to its Charter in your monastery, it is necessary to drive out the filthy rags. That’s bad for you is bad for her: it is not good to be pushy with their orders in a personal thing how closet. Once you notice her and started Dating her with the way she is. It is unfair at all to ask her to change. Although there is a reverse tendency: sometimes the men are beginning to demand from friends that those with the beginning of the relationship started to dress more conservatively. Of course this is the reason for enchanting holivarov (not unless she has hidden masochistic tendencies, then that’s another story). You can’t change a person beyond recognition. Of course.

Another conversation, if you know that she is ready for change — then it is necessary to encourage and cheer. There are many reasons why women dress like that and not otherwise (they make the clothes much more than we men — I do not know how it happened). They Express themselves, they are hiding something because you don’t believe in yourself then they’re too confident. If she’s shy to wear bright clothes or sexy lingerie, she’s not very confident in my body and zaparivat about some sort of flaws.

Start slowly

Don’t think dramatic changes will occur overnight. This is, primarily, a question of confidence. Let her know that she is sexy and love it when she looks respectively. Buy her something at your discretion what you think is attractive, but not to the extreme. To start, as we have said, it is necessary gradually. For example, for a start, tell her to wear skinny jeans and loose top with a wide neckline: know are from shoulder to shoulder. This is the most secure option: everything seems to be closed, but not some kind of uniform. If she’s scared to wear dresses, do not just climb to it with the shortest options: first, choose something knee-length and offered — you go shopping together? Focus on your own taste, common sense and sense of proportion. You can go to the extreme and look through women’s magazines, but this is, in my opinion, really.

Reassure her that she is sexy


If you start to Orient it in the choice of clothing, she can wear just to make you happy. When she decides to test a new purchase, compliment her. This corresponds to the psychological science: the more approval, the more his motivation for continued positive behavior (in this case — the inspiration to look better). Tell me that everything sits on it perfectly, she is — think of something. We men often have no idea how women think about their flaws, often imaginary. For example, my girlfriend is satisfactory when the ratio of height and weight always wants to lose weight and even lose weight, hates his ass (gorgeous rounded ass, which she seems too outstanding, because she likes it when girls are flat as fools of the model meaningless glossy magazines). So, this disease affects even those women that you can not assume uncertainty. Therefore, bursts out Nightingale and praise that is urine. You’re better off.


Another surprise: it’s not just her. It so happened that couples usually meet each other — more or less. Can sometimes go in her concessions, and to wear something that she likes. It is unclear how I got it on sale, yielding to her entreaties, gay t-shirt that looks too tight? Wear it when you go somewhere, let the woman happy. Suddenly you look like? Although Fig knows, typically, such failed purchase I wear when we ride our bikes because at this time I have no time really to consider. If you notice, it will poke a finger at me in the back while I’m driving fast: «Oh, look, there Lastovsky fool on the bike, and it all will not see.»

And finally, the topic for reflection. You fell in love with her when she looked so, and not otherwise. Now you want she dressed differently. The question is, what is the reason? Why do you suddenly lack something? You’re tired of the relationship? Want something new?

Even if she dressed differently, she still does not cease to be themselves. What a surprise, right? Behold the root and honestly answer yourself that it is really not.

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