How to induce hallucinations without drugs


And has that ever happened? The night sky painted blueberry blue, leather – flaky scales. I want to drink. You go to the kitchen for a beer, and in the corridor grow flowers, with the heads of Nicolas cage, screaming «FUUUCK!». You break the orange crystals on the edges of the refrigerator door. The door magically opens. Breaking up the fractal cats, scurrying through the shelves, you started looking for plastic bottles «Big clubs», but instead seeing my dad, lounging on parsley cloud like a Roman patrician on the orgies, and his sticking out from under Mikey’s belly accusingly says: «You shit yourself, you’re not sorry.» Suddenly from head to knees flashing sensation like Conan the barbarian grabbed his huge hand and pulled up, then you come back and understand that standing naked at the refrigerator, phone, treacherously hear the cries Jesse Jane, and sitting next to nothing understanding parents…

Hallucinating, dear. Illusory world, hidden in the Bastion of the subconscious. Fancy a game of imagination or a subconscious reflection of reality? On the topic of hallucinations has been said a lot, most often bad. But millions are still striving to plunge into the abyss of illusions, spitting the consequences. After all, there is no guarantee that you will like and will not turn you into a useless vegetable. How many of these hallucinogenic brave front after wandering across the expanses of the subconscious has changed beyond recognition, turning into junkies carrying the most incomprehensible nonsense. But people still: he longs, he wants to see and buys various illegal substances. But why? After all, there are many more traditional ways, which is to say, but not for advertising purposes, but solely for the sake of caution.

Briefly about the subject of conversation

What is a hallucination? It is nothing as the disorder of perception of what constitutes a «perception without object». In other words, a person perceives (sees, hears, etc.) what is not in the moment or do not exist in reality.

Not to be confused with hallucinations, mirages. A Mirage is an optical phenomenon caused by refraction of light.

That is, a Mirage can be photographed on camera, but the hallucination is impossible, this phenomenon is entirely mental and only occurs in the brain of the «patient». Hallucination should not be confused with illusion – a distorted perception of objects under the influence of emotions (but only in healthy people) or in connection with the limitations of some organs (e.g., visual).

Hallucinations are classified by senses. Generally there are auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile and visceral.

Tactile hallucinations are expressed in the sense of touch to the body, burning or coldness, the feeling of grasping, the appearance on the body of liquid, crawling on the insect body. The patient may feel that his bite, tickle, scratch.

Visceral hallucinations – the feeling of presence in my own body any items, body parts of another person, animal, feeling that they hurt. But everything else is clear without much explanation. Say, maybe, a combination of hallucinations: you see a gorilla that plays the drums, I hear that she plays the part with the song «In the air tonight» by Phil Collins, feel her breath.

Hallucinations are classified as true and false or pseudohallucinations. True hallucinations are projected outward: a voice is heard from behind the wall, the devil is sitting on a real chair.

Pseudohallucinations – this is the «voice in the head» that suggests actions that can significantly accelerate the process of inheritance Babkina apartment. With the real situation they are not related.

Also visceral hallucinations – the feeling of presence of something foreign in your body. And it’s not about those butterflies in the stomach, which figuratively fly into the womb of lovers, happens when you really feel like inside of you rustling wings. Mentally ill people are functional disorders. For example, when any dog barking imagining that the dogs are campaigning to vote for the party «Parnassus».What happens to your brain in this strange moment? It is important to note that you don’t see with your eyes, and brain. But if the pupil is a tool of understanding the world, that part which is out of focus, the brain draws. This happens even in people with excellent peripheral vision. The brain paints what he thinks is appropriate for a given place and time, and if suddenly in your peripheral vision you will get something bright and irritating, like the outfits of Madonna, then you just do not notice.

Hallucinations occur when our brain is in force parapsihicheskih processes occurring in it, starts «to finish» is not only the background but also focus, and it becomes difficult to distinguish reality from visual hallucinations, which is often accompanied by an audible or olfactory hallucinations. So a person sees and hears, usually what dictates to him his painful delirium.


Risk of hallucinations that the person is not criticism to hallucinations. Most often he can not understand, in reality, he or senile. In some cases, the «client» is aware that what is happening to him is not reality, but only to get out of «galuna» is problematic. And how many innocent souls have ended her life, just going on about the voices and imagination? Oh, Mitya, Mitya…

Hallucinations are not always fun and cool. You can go there in search of inspiration, truth, to communicate with the spirits, as many of the world’s religious traditions. Shamans, in the nooks of civilization of primitive peoples still thus cheating their compatriots. Many still believe that the hallucinations are levels of enlightenment and unknowingly established a link with the world of the dead or other supernatural worlds. However, the risk does not justify the means. Not to return from this condition easier, and it’s not your mental health, and what he saw.

To start your guide to legal hallucinogen we decided nebogougodnom things, does not endorse medicine. Because the hallucinations they are not very interesting, and the whole body suffers. Literally suffers greatly after returning to reality. About gasoline and other types of toxicomania will not tell – it’s a classic and it is, at least, unfashionable. A few deep breaths through the pack to kill a person.


The famous nutmeg. A spice that is never added in large quantities. I think what is happening is not because «galunov», but because it specificheskogo taste that can be described with the word «disgusting». So nutmeg interfere with yogurt.


Of course, it is best to take the whole nut, not the powder bags. 3-4 walnut, and the General feeling of confusion with the corresponding noise in the ears will haunt you for about three days. Hallucinations a bit, mostly dancing the walls, noises and sounds in the ears.

Can arise and the tactile sensations, like you have in the hair worms from the body at the slightest friction stripped skin (which is why sex is better not to do), but all this pales against the background of the General obdolbannogo. Days seem like an eternity, the route from the room to the bathroom hour. It’s annoying, it’s scary and not worth it.


Good old trigun-D. One mattress, and you’re lost for humanity. This pain reliever is sold in any pharmacy. Compare it with the legendary «Tusina» will not work, but the noise on the body, it leads. Trigun is Satan, is a Valkyrie that skin you, is a sour soup, which is put instead of the promised lamb leg. You will come? Shade, running around the room insects, swinging chandeliers, and especially the talented voice be heard. But mandatory blackouts, and what he sang Pink Floyd – comfortable numb, which could develop into uncomfortable. In other words, pharmacological Beelzebub pulls you to the couch, forcing against my will to watch the theatre of shadows and walks the waves of the ceiling. Scary, and impossible to turn away. Some suggest to dissolve in hot water, although the experts have always preferred to drink beer.

There is another pharmacological stuff. Rather, a useful medicine, an antiviral, is called the «Rimantadine». But after 12 hours of watching funny images with closed eyes, trying to understand what happened to your legs, are complete nonsense, shy away in fear from any sound and pray that you quickly released.

The main trouble with these drugs is vomiting and spent on the liver.

Delirium tremens


As smart people say: «the Main thing is to always be drunk». When you’re drunk, reality is perceived very differently. And when you have «delirium tremens», the devils running around, glowing objects, and the voices in my head becomes reality. For this you need a very long time and a lot to drink, without end, without interruption, almost trezia. Then relive the moments of «betrayal», panic attacks, and then the desired hallucinations, accompanied by a disgusting feeling, vomiting, and sometimes desires to «kill» at the behest of the damned votes. It’s not the hangover that flies like a bird, it’s diabolical in its purest form.



Psilocybin mushrooms. The little rascals will launch you directly to Valhalla. Grow in the woods, it’s important to show native militia and not to confuse them with the usual toadstool, because instead of Valhalla, you can get to the light.

But if after these procedures your liver, the body and all the rest will lead the countdown to death, these methods give at least some chance at a happy life, minimally harming the health. However, they are more complicated. At times difficult.

Effect Ganzfeld

The person with the guess-what-name came up with very fancy way. However, it works. But first Ganzfeld was hoping to use it to open the person’s capacity for telepathic communication. But it turned out the cure for holonomies. The essence of stimulation is very simple: you have to put your consciousness into absolute touch vacuum. To do this, twist the dials on an empty frequency with white noise (the speaker was doing the familiar «Shh»), cut a ping-pong table into two parts and cover his eyes halves. Lie down on the couch, look in the white murk and wait for the effect. You can wait from several minutes to an hour, depending on the brain, but weary from the visual and audio stimuli, the brain will generate its own images. Some see strange patterns, some speak with dead relatives, someone watching Zeliboba offers Beads money for love. Everyone will see something special, but all will feel unprecedented relax.

Holotropic breathing

There was in the 60-ies of the last century in America, one Czech. His name was Stanislav Grof. This was Stanislav doctor, and the fashion of that time liked to experiment with LSD. He just believed that hallucinations caused by this substance is not a set of disjointed images, and the projection of images stored in the subconscious.

That is, under the influence of LSD the consciousness of man is changing, and altered States of mind have tremendous healing abilities. He would be happy to prescribe it indiscriminately, especially psihicheski the patient, as found a way to return to their state of mind to normal, but then it was banned. Long had to look for alternatives, and finally he found her.He began to conduct special sessions with the use of holotropic breathing (XA) and claimed that after his sessions, many people got rid of the neuroses, and have also found solutions to their psychological problems. Those who attended such sessions, telling wonders: some claimed that during the HD back in the intrauterine state, others said they saw the past or the future… Some lucky people even managed to connect (although on time) to the cosmic mind. Since a considerable part of citizens use it not to heal various mental ailments, but for the sake of a psychedelic trip.

Enlightenment is attained is very simple: take a lying position on the back, do 15-20 breaths as deep as possible and faster (or, as happens in about 45 seconds, can be considered himself), the head should start to spin a little, then do the last deep breath and I get breathless (as if under water dive), then the arms bend at the elbows, then bent and hands (you can even press) strain as much as possible, and they need to squeeze the chest, but the air does not produce, then the mind changes dramatically start strong vibration-type Monroe with a crash.A possible way: 10-20 breaths/exhalations show some energy, then a big breath, and someone clicks on the chest, as in artificial respiration. Once pressed, and after 10-15 seconds I passed out. By the way, with a partner safer. The fact that breathe in alone, with space you can not go back. From the point of view of physiology, any holotropic breathing – nothing like hyperventilation syndrome, in which the washout of carbon dioxide from the blood, a sharp contraction of cerebral blood flow. Hence the hallucinations. Begins the degradation of brain and nerve cell death.

Sleep paralysis


You have probably heard about lucid dream is a mysterious condition in which a person realizes that he is dreaming and can even change its contents. This is a very complex art that is achieved by psychotropics, hypnosis and long training, this science should be discussed separately, since so many difficulties envelops this state. But you can achieve sleep paralysis – aviobase Baptist lucid dream. To achieve it quite difficult. You need to lie on your back with your legs straight and eyes closed. In any case, don’t blink and don’t change position. The brain will send signals: «are you ready to sleep?» – it will be a wild desire to blink, scratch, change position. But they should be ignored as Erdogan EU requirements. After 20-30 minutes you will feel unpleasant heaviness in the chest, followed by music, strange or frightening. After you open your eyes and start to hallucinate. You can close your eyes, you can open made no difference. From you nothing depends. You lie there, unable to move, and you’re imagining anything. Some sentence fragments, hissing, sharp sounds, old friends, went to the light, strange signals and stuff. Actually, this happens many, when in the dream, comes to understand the illusory nature of what is happening. But not everyone can get out of this hell. Namely, that of hell, often hallucinations reminiscent of a nightmare and intimidated, they rarely give positive. It is an understanding that occurs before a clear view of the objects surprise, shock, kept in nervous excitement. The most important thing is to get out of this dream. It’s pretty simple: imagine a rope or ladder above him and try to climb on it. If it works, then welcome to the real world. If not – wait for help. Or focus on some part of the body (easier on the foot) and try to pull with all his strength. The next thing you will see is the real world. Some suggest actively RUB the ears, but it is quite a long time.

Don’t forget that travel in the sublunary world can be intimidating. Most importantly, do not tushuysya. No you will not do anything. David Lynch thus making films.

Without sleep

On the verge of a strong neuro-physical exhaustion generally develops acute hallucinatory paranoid about what they fear most. And how can you drain your brain? That’s right: don’t sleep for a long time. About a couple of days. After three days, comes what is described above: pain, panic and phobias, clad in a mind-bending envelope. A little early just broken. There are processes in the language of the streets is called stiction.

Hallucinations are completely frivolous. After a couple days begin to seem the sounds, which no objects. Is only fixate on how the brain gets out of the dream fragments of phrases and images that seem real. Sometimes it may seem that there are no objects around there, and the other will prihoditsya conversation with a stranger, which of course, was not there.

Perhaps those crazy city, talking to yourself, do not sleep? And it is unlikely.

The worst comes after weeks of nervous exhaustion and death, although it depends on the stamina of the person. Some and 4 days are enough. In any case, depleted body will not be glad of such experiments. I’m surprised at your irresponsible brain will simply fail in reality.

Wandering the shores of honey and accidentally bump into Elvis. King, as always, elegant in his suit. Surprise come into the river, woven from the text of the song «Alarm clock» Yegor creed. Trying to wipe the sole of shit, you hear melodious song of Elvis: «the Prosecutor Slept, do selfi on the background and put it in the «Instagram»» then the familiar jolt as if you got dumped in the sewer or sucked into the aircraft through the broken window, and you realize that it’s all over. But it is important to understand that not all heard in delirium, or the lyrics of the Alarm or of the will of the pseudo-Elvis, has a right to exist. The corners of your weird brain can bear anything but not the truth which is to the detriment of all living things. Learn to filter heard in reality.

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