How to increase your vocabulary

manygoodtips.com_30.08.2016_si9gZAImf9SZgWhy do you want to expand your vocabulary? Absolutely serious question you should ask yourself before you begin to cram into the crevices between the convolutions and not very smart words. After you give yourself a clear answer, you’ll understand that terminology, what expression you need to call in the first place, not to waste time.If you want to be reasonable, and give the word, like Pushkin a second before the challenge to a duel, you are welcome to our hut, we have comfortable, we have only the best traditional methods of increasing the vocabulary.

And then look in a dictionary

Once one very smart Russian language teacher said, «I Want to learn the language perfectly — constantly look in the dictionary». To the question: «what»? He answered simply and clearly: «everything.»

The first thing that comes to mind and turn up any dictionary compiled With the legendary. By V. Ozhegova.

To know the value of fine archaisms, complex terms, and when it is necessary to write «wear», and when «dressed up» to look there to everyone. Including linguists with experience. Language changes, some words are lost that appear. The dictionary also edited, though not much. Another thing is that one dictionary Ozhegova enough to expand the vocabulary with a vengeance. You’d be surprised how many words you didn’t know.

Ideally, one should work with it this way: I saw an unfamiliar word — just got to find its value. And in the evening to learn 15-20 new words. In addition, learn how to properly put the emphasis in the word and how to write it.

In addition, it will not hurt to look into phraseological dictionary. Just all sorts of expressions, idioms and sayings are a big part of language and without them in the language (unless it is paper) is impossible. Besides, it gives an informal colloquial colouring and the richness of the language, so look there, not to say «To Morkovkina Shrovetide» when you asked about bedding the ability of your new friend. Well, at least it’s very interesting.

It should be noted that our generation is incredibly lucky, because we don’t have to carry back heavy the Talmud, all these dictionaries are in electronic form, so they are really «at hand», you only need to look.

Get reading outside your comfort zone

Various authors writing in different genres, use different styles of writing will use your communication words and from different walks of life, and will write on various topics, close directly to them.

So if you want to diversify your vocabulary, read a wide range of authors, don’t stop on a separate genre or author. Well, unless you can compare juicy violence over common sense in the books of Vladimir Sorokin, with a refined vocabulary diversity Balzac? Mix in the head of a line of South American magic realism, African transhumanist fantasy, British satire, linguistic and educational trip Pelevin for a snack. The most arrogant and incorrigible phrase automatically posistrut in the lexicon.

Turning to foreign languages

manygoodtips.com_30.08.2016_0ygQKPLpC6ib7In addition to his native language, you should pay attention to the languages are not native. First, our language is full of borrowings, and second, a lot of words and terms which are in pristine form. Especially a lot of words come from Latin and Greek. For example, «aspirin», «coprophilia», «incest», «axiom», «postulate», «Orgy». Knowledge of initial values makes it much easier to determine the meaning of the word, especially if you have no time to search him.

Listen to more music

It is desirable to have more text and text kind, and smart. Sometimes the poets and the people who called themselves so, bored in the serious throes of creativity can’t make a rhyme and give his boiling brain a very interesting phrases, metaphors, images. Besides music, the pendulum of culture, or she uses, or generates neologisms of modern society, and in order to be in trend, you need to know the modern term, mazafaka beach!

But once you realize that in songs like «the name of my favorite» look nothing Russian turnips are all about the same, Oxxxymiron and «Sibirskiy masturbator» pereslushal to and from, and from Soviet songs dizzy, pass on melodies and rhythms of foreign music. Of course, if there is no knowledge of the language, use the translations. Believe me, idols psychedelic music and «philosophers» with guitars at the ready, able to enrich it with interesting metaphors and linguistic findings are not worse than the book trachtenberg anecdotes.

Follow writers on social networks

Strangely enough, Twitter contributes to the development of speech. But only if the tweets of people literate, write: writers and journalists, as a rule. Here’s the thing, 140 characters is not enough, therefore, competent people who want to Express their opinion, replace the six words one. And brevity is a thing very valuable, especially among your interlocutors.

Finally, if an intelligent person writes something with a probability of up to 60 % of its pisyulki will be useful to read.

Learn on obscene limericks and lyrics

One of the main assets of the language is not boring descriptions of oak sources in books Prishvin, and the aphorisms and witty sayings. To enrich your vocabulary without the use of aphorisms — a thing very imprudently.

But the aphorisms of a lifetime written language in both printed and is obscene. Russia is full of craftsmen, from bloggers to musicians who use taboo words in their work. And whatever is said, often make sense and wit in them much more than in the lyrics of Eminem and jokes Putin. So it’s an odd comparison, but if you think about it all it is.

It is clear that the phrase «homosexual», and other obscene phrases you won’t speak at corporate in conversation with a drunken boss. But to replace her plain and boring «person of nontraditional sexual orientation» is a very disgusting and disrespectful to the author of the original. The phrase loses all capacity, and you subconsciously will pick up the same bizarre synonym to the phrase has not lost its juiciness even in nematandani interpretation. It’s pretty cool teaches you to generate catch phrases (though in a very narrow range) and to find the right words.

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