How to increase wages


So you worked and you think deserve a raise. How do I ask? Here you need to be sensitive and not arrogant, because blackmail will get you nowhere. We can do without the threats in the style of «raises not — quit», because you really will get fired. No need to lament the rise of other workers and don’t need to show off. Just follow these tips and you’ll be fine.

Pay close attention to the workflow

Let’s start with the fact that if you don’t delve into the workflow, you have nothing. Ask, ask, learn, try, and then you will open the way through which you can ask for a decent salary. This is the basis on which many somehow forget, and then hot surprised when instead of increasing they are asked to sign a letter of resignation.

Intrigue in the office and not really the teams is no less than the notorious «Game of thrones»: someone goes on maternity leave, someone a couple of months on vacation, a colleague from a nearby office plans to transfer. Around all miss chances to snatch an extra piece SN: it is enough to ask someone to throw you a part of this work, which takes five minutes, but when listing then the chef your daily duties, your list of achievements will have to seem weightier.

Improve your skills

In addition to language skills it would be nice to improve other skills. What? Well it all depends on your profile will not advise, because too many ways.

Whatever zaparno was not your job, you have to constantly improve and learn new skills, always be updated on the business news and know what’s going on in IT.So read books, articles and attend various seminars and refresher courses. Of course, you can remember dozens of firms that pay their subordinates of a different kind of training. Of course, it is very sad that your office does not provide this. However, if the accounting Department has too much money, and in the mind of a chef prevails adequacy, it is unlikely he will deny you in such an upgrade. At the same time you will notice your desire to become someone great. Importantly, more talk about that it primarily will benefit the entire firm.

Be proactive and take initiative

For the sake

Not shy of initiatives! Even saying she hews initiator, however, in some cases paid for it with allowance, of course. The brighter and more active you are, the more visibility that you’re working. Yes, it is visibility, to powder brains of others to benefit yourself too, should be able. If you’re seriously going to drag the whole company, it’s time to remove the rose-colored glasses and tune in to more realistic priorities, because on the enthusiasm few can survive, and strength — physical and moral — of any person are not unlimited.

There is actually just staring at the monitor, with documents, with the frowny face, discuss with colleagues current work (preferably louder and closer to the office of the chief), debris desktop folders and stickers. Look and work the principle of «reverse thrust» — so you will engage in a contrived workflow that he did not notice how thoughts begin to take shape in ideas and suggestions for improving the work of the firm.

Linger after work

Nothing can be done, show that the work is important to you home, family and friends, and then in the heart of a chief, who noticed that you work very long hours, Wake up the conscience and compassion. Good bosses to support such responsible and dedicated employees, add an extra thousand to the salary. But you need to try to from your «zaderzhivanii» was a real benefit, well, that at least someone knew about it.

I make it a rule that you need to work like you’re already getting more — the universe, a loving balance, be sure to pay attention to this discrepancy. Of course, there is also a downside: if the house is waiting for someone, it greatly affects relationships outside of work. We do very early came to this topic, but you have to ask yourself the question: is the game worth the candle? If you have jobs available in the market is not, and money so little, and in another place it will not be accepted, you need to endure and succeed in the here and now. You’re a grown man and complaining is inappropriate. Most importantly, do not jump.

Legal requirements

Do not ask, do not beg. First of all, try to demand higher legally. If you’re a farmer, what the light is not seen, then let the beloved employer specific numbers. To do this, measure the growth level of your load or amount of tasks that you are assigned to. For example, if in recent times the company has dramatically increased the number of clients, or your innovations have brought additional revenue, it can surely stretch your palm towards premium.

Of course, it is difficult — you should make friends with the accounting Department and to elicit from them the report immediately after the implementation of your innovative ideas. Preferably in writing and with a copy to if the boss grabs the letter out of your hands and burn it, to bring a new party and seek still higher wages. Again, why the Russian people still working on the principle of serfs and easily reconciled with the idea that he has to stay an extra hour or work on the weekend: even if you agree to mark it somewhere, then with a clear conscience to present a cartridge.

Shameless self-promotion

PR — tools of a strong and successful world. So don’t be shy of self-promotion, it’s very good and useful thing. You’re an expert? Specialist. And what do you do at work, well, in General? The company sells its services. And to sell, you need to advertise and convey to the buyer all the advantages of your goods, in this case, their qualification, skill, experience and benefits.

So don’t be shy to seem proud upstart, safely put the head note, if you are doing something that, in your opinion, makes you a valuable employee.Just not such a horrible «Look what I stirred up! It’s cool, it’ll be a Bang, so prepare your allowance, I’m the most valuable!» No, do it gently, taking advice, giving some good detail, and at the end reported on the benefits brought by your activity. His superiors don’t always have time to monitor all of your feats, he «distinguished talents» the whole office/shop/restaurant, and it may not always be aware of what a wonderful. If you praise someone from colleagues or bosses of lesser rank — also do not forget to share this with the Supreme Lord.

Ask humanly

What to do if you understand that your salary is adequate to your qualifications, workload and insignificant list assigned to you tasks, but to improve it you really want? It may seem crazy, but in this case, it is easier and better just to tell the head of Department. No need to kneel, shyly pulling off the pants, to beg and to complain about the presence of his wife, children, dogs, and demanding parents. This set is every second of his colleague.

Better come and tell me honestly that you have higher wages, and then instead of humiliating procedures, ask about these options and the conditions for its increase. Maybe you increase the load, will deliver more jobs, or forced to learn something else. So you show yourself completely sane and soberly assess the situation person, which is very rare in our time. Boss is profitable, they sometimes need a «workhorse» that will perform various tasks.

Tighten language


An employer appreciates an employee who not only can do everything possible and impossible but also has a number of required competencies. Now it is impossible to imagine a successful Manager without experience or study abroad and do not speak English or other foreign languages.

Under the command of the English language, we mean not his colloquial, which helps to diversify the list of serials to view and books to read, and its business version, which promotes the signing multimillion-dollar contracts, the understanding of Western partners and open branches in different countries of the world. What would there not talking, English is the main language of international communication and business, and as if we are not frightened by the growing power of the Chinese economy, this situation will persist for a long time. But recognize that knowledge of any language is the right way to increase wages and advance up the career ladder.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places where business English is taught really, responsibility, and even educated professionals.

EF Education First offers to «kill two birds» at the same time: to experience international communication and living abroad, and to raise the level of business English. For employers this kind of experience works magically.Especially if you have lived abroad for 2 weeks and several months. But if that time you spent in USA, UK, Canada or Australia, as suggested by EF, a truly invaluable experience. Because these countries are leading in global business.

This course is designed for professionals, business clerks, managers, and all others who want to get a decent salary, to expand their career opportunities and horizons. In a few weeks you are completely immersed in the language environment, will get an incredible experience with the same specialists from other countries and expand your vocabulary business English.

Raising wages — and the theme that the employer avoids as long as possible, let’s be honest. But the chance of getting desired percent more if you are constantly learning and trying to improve their skills.

Work and work…

This option you might not like or even embarrass you, but often it is most effective. Just work. From morning to night work hard like an ox, be initiative and active, put soul into the work, show up on time, prove your advantage. Just work, and work will be rewarded. We’ve got a love proactive, because smart boss is not going to raise lazy mediocrity.

There are, however, there is one «but»: once you cross the line when the activist will be the «whipping boy», which gives the heavy and mindless work. There’s nothing to do, because people are stupid and feel when you use the services of a «workhorse», receiving in return the desired result. Ask yourself: are you prepared to spend part of his life for this job? Worth it? Keep in mind that a lot of people after graduation was terribly disappointed, but continued to work in their chosen field. This question is more than about wages — if you are committed to live work, no matter for what money, then go for it. Don’t stop! But if doubts are too great, it is time to think seriously…

Change job


If you’re smart specialist with a smart head and Golden hands, it might be better to look for happiness in other places. In the end, there you can appreciate, but at the same time and offer higher wages. Of course, the option is risky, but if your organization desperately tugging little hands, hoping to stay afloat, saving on everything, including services of cleaners, rely on something more pointless.

Sometimes even better to change the scope of activities in favor of more luxury the number of bills is not a shame, it’s not a betrayal of his former workplace. This is what is called life, with all its rules. The wise Jews have their own saying: «it is Better that you needed the job than you». If you feel that this is not your place, it’s time to change it because in our life if not the search for the ideal?

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